Crossbill Pineapple Gin

40% ABV


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Fresh pineapple caramelised and macerated with Scottish juniper, ginger and thyme, then distilled and aged in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks to deliver a well balanced gin that is magnificently rich and sumptuous. The result: a well balanced Winter tipple, great sipped on its own or with tonic, soda, lemonade or ginger ale. This product is made from natural ingredients and is unfiltered, hence small amounts of sediment or fruit fibres may occur.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Herbal and spice


Herbal with a warning ginger glow and juniper notes


Sweet Caramel Pineapple and Raisins

Key Botanical(s):

Handpicked Scottish Juniper, Pineapple

Goes great with:

Great sipped on its own with ice or served long over ice with soda and a julienne of fresh ginger
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Crossbill originally started life on a small estate on the outskirts of Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands before relocating in 2017 to its current home in Glasgow’s famous Barras. The Hatchery distillery is home to Crossbill’s distillation of Scottish Gins along with a gin school and shop. The core Scottish Gins are created using a limited number of hand-foraged fresh botanicals, which are carefully and ethically foraged in the Scottish Highlands before being prepared for distillation. It’s this process of using wild Scottish botanicals along with a slow maceration process under the watchful eye of the distillery team that gives Crossbill Gins their balanced fresh flavour of the Scottish Highlands.

Flavoured Gin

Flavoured Gins vary in flavour and colour. Often the gin will be infused with a flavour post-distillation through maceration or even the addition and blending of individual distillates or essences. Sometimes the gin will be created in one distillation. These styles of gin often have a key flavour which tends to lead the flavour profile, such as fresh berry fruit, citrus or any number of possible key botanicals and flavours. Although this gin style should still include juniper, it is often not the leading botanical.


Formerly based at a distillery in the Scottish Highlands, Crossbill Distilling moved to their current distillery, known as The Hatchery, in the heart of Glasgow’s Barrowlands in the Spring of 2017. The distillery, which is in the Barras Art and Design (BAaD) centre, features a traditional Alembic copper pot still, used for all the Crossbill Gin distillations. The distillery also features a gin school where visitors can create their own Scottish Gin recipe before distilling on a mini copper pot still.

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