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Becoming a member.

Established in 2017, our membership continues to grow year on year as more Scottish Gin makers and brand owners see value in being part of The Gin Cooperative. Being a member of The Gin Cooperative is so much more than the traditional, expected membership business model. It’s a partnership between us and you. It’s a commitment that we will help support your business and brand and by being a member you help support us so we can continue to educate and inspire the consumer to discover Scottish Gin through our content-rich, engaging resources and activities.

Being part of The Gin Cooperative means you believe in the idea of Scottish Gin as a gin category in its own right. You believe in transparency for the consumer, so when they buy a gin that says Product of Scotland, it is a genuine product of Scotland. You support the Scottish Gin category as a whole and want to see it grow and thrive.

Having travelled to all four corners of Scotland over the course of the last two years, visiting and learning more about our members, we see many of Scotland’s gin makers and brand owners as more than just our members. In many cases they’re our friends, colleagues, inspiration, teachers and more.

The Gin Cooperative is the premium resource for the consumer, trade and industry. Strategic, creative and a voice for Scottish Gin, we are focused on showcasing Scottish Gin to the highest editorial and content standards. On-brand storytelling. Beautiful and original photography that captures the people and products that make up the wonderful world of Scottish Gin.  

To be a member of The Gin Cooperative you must:

  • Distil, rectify or cold compounded your gin in Scotland
  • Be based in Scotland
  • Believe in Scottish Gin as a gin category
  • Demonstrate integrity across your business activities

The Gin Cooperative commitment to members:

  • We will never knowingly or actively undertake any activities that may damage the term Scottish Gin
  • All Scottish Gin makers and brand owners will be treated equally and fairly
  • The same cost for all members
  • We will always promote and talk about Scottish Gin in a way that promotes a sensible drinking message
  • We will position Scottish Gin and the term as meaning a premium spirit made in Scotland that should be discovered and explored

Our membership package has been set-up to provide a variety of benefits to help support all our members. Members profile pages are continually maintained and updated as a priority over non-members including exclusive functionality like distillery information, gin experience information and more. Our members profiles are proactively kept up to date so our members can focus on what they do best – making amazing Scottish Gin.

Our package also includes the opportunity to take part in exclusive editorial features, campaigns and more, generating original content that helps our members tell their story in their words. Where we can, we create original photography to accompany our editorial so it remains relevant, fresh and engaging. We help our members tell their stories, showcase their brand and products to our growing and engaged gin drinking audience.

In most cases, our original content becomes a valuable brand asset for our members. Our photography is being used by our members to help promote their brands through their websites and social media content, as well as providing go-to images for trade, retail and press releases.

All our content is carefully curated, created and presented to help the consumer discover, enjoy and explore our members stories and products. We retain full editorial control over every aspect of the content we publish.

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