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About us

Raising the bar for Scottish Gin.

About The Gin Cooperative

The Gin Cooperative was established in 2017 to help educate and inspire the consumer and trade to discover and explore Scottish Gin. Run by long-time gin drinkers Natalie and Martin Reid, The Gin Cooperative is a membership based business that is open exclusively to Scotland’s gin makers and brand owners. Members must be based in Scotland, their gins must be distilled, rectified or cold compound (complete process) in Scotland and they must believe in the Scottish Gin category.

Some of the key objectives of The Gin Cooperative include:

  • Position Scottish Gin as a premium spirit created with care, skill and passion in Scotland that should be explored, discovered, experienced and enjoyed. 
  • Educate the consumer and trade about the people, the places and products that make up the Scottish Gin category.
  • Create and craft high quality, original editorial features, photography and content that captures the true story of Scottish Gin.
  • Showcase The Gin Cooperative members stories and gins.
  • Provide a consistent and positive voice for the Scottish Gin industry.
  • Promote Scottish Gin sensibly and encourage responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Work exclusively with members who distill, rectify or cold compound their gin in Scotland, believe in the term Scottish Gin and champion the Scottish Gin category.
  • Treat all Scottish Gin makers and brand owners as equals and peers.

The Gin Cooperative website and social media channels are the premium go-to resources for all things Scottish Gin, providing insight and inspiration to our audience. With over 75 members, we work with and support a rich and diverse range of businesses including small producers and super-premium brands, all of whom have seen value in being members of The Gin Cooperative.

About Natalie & Martin Reid

Having enjoyed gin since first discovering the classic G&T in 2004, we’ve enjoyed seeing the rise of gin’s popularity. With new brands coming to market and more gin expressions appearing behind the bars, we’d developed a passion for trying new gins, learning more about the brands and businesses. Although we’d been enjoying gin for nearly 10 years, it wasn’t until 2013 we considering starting a business around our passion for gin; we were sipping Scottish Gin on holiday in NYC, marvelling at the fact that nearly every bar we visited had at least one Scottish Gin behind the bar. This holiday planted the seed that would one day form part of the idea behind The Gin Cooperative.

As more and more Scottish Gins have come to market, we’ve found ourselves drawn to these Scottish Gin brands. We guess because we’re Scottish, Scottish Gin quickly went to the top of our list to try next. One year, we bought what we believed was a case of Scottish Gin as Christmas presents; from the label and packaging to the website and marketing, everything pointed to the message that this gin was made in Scotland. Turned out it wasn’t. We were left feeling disappointed and slightly cheated. We felt there was an opportunity to provide a resource to the consumer that solely focused on Scottish Gin but also focused on providing transparency, clarity and factual information about Scotland’s Gin makers and brands.

It wasn’t until December 2017 that we finally set-up The Gin Cooperative. Our love of Scottish Gin had continued to grow and yet there were very few resources that could provide the information we were looking for so we decided to fill in the gaps ourselves and make it available for others to explore the category.

We took a chunk of our life savings and set-to work building our website, speaking with Scotland’s gin makers and brand owners, carrying out due diligence and gathering content before officially launching our website in April 2018. We’ve worked extremely hard since then to ensure that our website is kept up to date and reflects the growth of the Scottish Gin category.

Learning, exploring, collaborating, creating, enjoying, educating, inspiring. We’ve thrown ourselves and everything else into making The Gin Cooperative the premium, go-to resource for all things Scottish Gin. We’re proud of what we’ve created and achieved since we started and will continue to focus on creating engaging and premium content that tells the story of Scottish Gin, adds value to our members and helps educate and inspire other gin drinkers and the trade to discover Scottish Gin.

Slange var – Natalie & Martin, The Gin Cooperative

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