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Little Brown Dog Spirits

Fetternear, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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Little Brown Dog Spirits was officially established in 2018 by vet and whisky connoisseur Andrew Smith and farmer Chris Reid in rural Aberdeenshire. Andrew had used the name Little Brown Dog to label original whisky bottling samples he shared with friends and the name came from Andrew’s pet dog who travels with him to tasting events and distillery visits.

Little Brown Dog Spirits is a creative hub for distilling spirits with its own stills for experimental, small batch distillations along with a larger still for bigger spirit runs. The Little Brown Dog Spirits team is focused on creating spirits with true provenance through the use of locally foraged botanicals. Enjoying the independence of creating unique and experimental spirits, including gin, the team plan on releasing a number of one-off limited edition spirits.

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Project AFG Micro Batch Scottish Gin

The flavour profile of this limited edition small batch gin is both complex and carefully crafted after a number of distillation runs were used to find the right balance. The gin featurees a variety of botanicals, many locally foraged from around the area where the distillery is based, including wood sorrel, chervil root, bee pollen, birch sap and more. Project AFG Micro Batch Scottish Gin also features classic gin botanicals including juniper, coriander and angelica. The result is a combination of the classic gin profile of juniper, spice and citrus mixed with hints of herbaceous, earthy notes, representative of the local landscape. The gin is distilled using both macerations of the dry botanicals and vapour infusion basket for the fresh botanicals. This method allows the flavours from some of the more delicate botanicals to come through in the distillation process along with the classic gin flavours from the macerated botanicals.


Key Botanical(s): Birch Sap, Chevril Root, Bee Pollen
Gin Style: Contemporary
Strength: 43.7% vol
Goes great with: A slice of apple, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Little Brown Dog Spirits Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Released: July 2019

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LBD Gin is the signature Scottish Gin from Little Brown Dog Spirits. The dry botanicals are left for twelve hours to steep in the base alcohol overnight before the fresh botanicals are added the next day. Using the custom copper botanicals baskets, which are hung in the neck of the still, the vapours slowly rise and pass through the fresh botanicals carefully extracting the oils and flavour compounds along with the flavours released from the steeped botanicals. Botanicals include a combination of locally foraged and grown botanicals along with some imported botanicals. They include juniper, coriander, wood sorrel, rhubarb, birch sap and parsnip. The result is a gin packed with juniper, waves of citrus, floral and woodland notes with a hint of petrichor.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Wood Sorrel, Parsnip
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 43% vol
Goes great with: A slice of apple, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Little Brown Dog Spirits Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Released: May 2020

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Little Brown Dog Spirits Distillery

Little Brown Dog Spirits Distillery, a micro-distillery in rural Aberdeenshire, is a stone’s throw from the local landmark of Bennachie. The distillery focuses on flavour and producing innovative spirits, including gin, that combine provenance and break down some of the traditions associated with the world of spirits. The distillery is home to a 100 litre traditional Alembic copper pot still named ‘Big Dug’ along with a smaller 10 litre development still fittingly named ‘Wee Dug’.


Tour: No
Shop: No
Booking: Not open to the public


Fetternear, Aberdeensire, Scotland
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