Project Quercus Acer LBD Maple Gin

50.2% ABV


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This is LBD Gin that has spent 6 months in a Maple Syrup cask. Birch sap in the distillate and maple sap in the cask. Part of the distillery’s Experimental Spirit Series, this is cask strength, single cask, non chill filtered, natural colour, no added nothing, single cask gin. Could be described as being like an old tom style gin but it’s still a dry distilled gin with no added sugar or syrup. There are 400 bottles from the cask and we’re lucky enough to have a few. Like all Little Brown Dog Experimental Spirit Series, this is a one-off project, no to be repeated.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Pancakes and maple syrup with a side of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice


Lemon, juniper and gingerbread


Delayed action maple syrup, then more syrup, very long

Key Botanical(s):

Wood Sorrel, Parsnip, Beech Leaves

Goes great with:

A twist of orange, bitter lemon and ice
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Little Brown Dog Spirits was officially established in 2018 by vet and whisky connoisseur Andrew Smith and farmer Chris Reid in rural Aberdeenshire. Little Brown Dog Spirits is a creative hub for distilling experimental, small batch distillations along with a larger still for bigger spirit runs. The Little Brown Dog Spirits team is focused on creating spirits with true provenance through the use of locally foraged botanicals. Enjoying the independence of creating unique and experimental spirits, including gin, the team plan on releasing a number of one-off limited edition spirits.

Cask Aged Gin

Cask Aged Gin is created as a result of gin being stored for a set amount of time in a wooden cask or with wooden chips. Although gin was traditionally transported around the world in wooden casks of all types, cask aged gins are anything but old fashioned. Thanks to the diversity of casks including sherry, port, whisky, bourbon and wine, Cask Aged Gin can provide some dynamic and rich flavour profiles as the gin is imbued with deep flavours and colours from the wood, often rich in flavours and pigments from it’s previous contents.


Little Brown Dog Spirits Distillery, a micro-distillery in rural Aberdeenshire, is a stone’s throw from the local landmark of Bennachie. The distillery focuses on flavour and producing innovative spirits, including gin, that combine provenance and break down some of the traditions associated with the world of spirits. The distillery is home to a 100 litre traditional Alembic copper pot still named ‘Big Dug’ along with a smaller 10 litre development still fittingly named ‘Wee Dug’.

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