Isle of Lewis Gin

Uig, Isle of Lewis, Na h-Eileanan Siar
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Husband and wife Iain and Laura Irvine decided they would love to relocate to the Isle of Lewis when the time was right. Although both were originally from the Scottish mainland, Iain’s family were from the Isle of Lewis and as time went on Iain and Laura both felt the draw of what island life could offer. Iain and Laura had spent many holidays visiting the island, creating memories, and spending time with friends and family. In 2019 the couple were married at Lews Castle in Stornaway, the capital of the Isle of Lewis which reinforced their love and connection to the island. The couple finally embraced the opportunity to leave the mainland and relocate to the Isle of Lewis in 2021.

With an interest in home brewing and spirits, Iain and Laura had toyed with establishing an Isle of Lewis Gin. They knew that, realistically, the resources needed to establish a distillery on the island would have to wait. However, they knew the island had a rich and diverse range of fauna that would provide the perfect inspiration for a new Scottish Gin expression that encapsulated the island. They started taking photos of the Machair, a natural wonder of many of the Western Isles, where a mix of wildflowers and plants take root on the low-lying coasts and sand dunes, providing a habitat for the local fauna.

Iain and Laura explored and cross-reference each plant they photographed to understand its potential properties as a gin botanical. The couple were conscientious about the sensitivity and sustainability of the Machair, eventually opting to include some of the botanicals that are found in the Machair but could be sourced from a botanical merchant. The couple had an idea for a flavour profile and developed a number of test recipes before deciding on the final flavour profile.

The couple eventually spoke with the team at Lost Loch Distillery in Aberdeenshire who helped them with the final distillation process which included fresh spring water sourced from beside the couple’s home, which is shipped to the mainland for use in the distillation. Iain and Laura are proud to be behind the first Scottish Gin from the Isle of Lewis and were delighted by the response and support from across the island. In the long term, the couple would one day like to establish an Isle of Lewis Distillery and release several new Isle of Lewis Gin expressions and a range of other spirits influenced by the island they call home.

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Isle of Lewis Gin

Isle of Lewis Gin features a range of gin botanicals that can found in the local landscape of Uig, the the south-west periphery of the island including wild mint, wild thyme and heather along with fresh spring water from the island which is used in the distillation. The gin also features a number of classic gin botanicals including juniper. On the nose clean, crisp notes of pine, mint and florals. On the palate juniper up front with citrus and mint moves through citrus and floral notes. On the finish some subtle florals are balanced with citrus balanced with an earthy note and some spice. The overall flavour profile is balanced, clean, refreshing and crisp.


Key Botanical(s): Wild Thyme, Wild Mint, Heather
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 42% ABV
Goes great with: A slice of lemon, thyme, ice and tonic.


Method: Rectified Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Lost Loch Spirits Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Contract Distilled)
Released: November 2023


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