Islay Gin

Islay, Argyll & Bute, Scotland
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Based on the island of Islay, an island that forms part of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland, John and Audrey Gow established Islay Gin in 2018. The Gow’s aim was to create a classic gin flavour profile that also managed to capture the landscape of the island. 

David spent over 30 years working as a prolific biomedical and forensic scientist and Audrey had previously worked at a local distillery supporting the exports and customer care aspects of the distillery. Combining together their previous experience and careers, the opportunity to create their very own range of spirits has given them a chance to use these complementary skills.

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Nerabus Islay Dry Gin

Nerabus Islay Dry Gin, named after the hamlet of Nerabus where the business is based, has a classic gin flavour profile. Described as a delicate, sweet and earthy gin, it is blended with an infusion of wild Islay heather to create a truly unique Islay gin abundant in Hebridean character.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Heather
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 42% vol
Goes great with: A slice of lime, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Nerabus Distillery, Argyll & Bute, Scotland
Released: May 2018


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