Isle of Raasay Distillery

Isle of Raasay, Highland, Scotland
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The Isle of Raasay Distillery is the first legal distillery on Raasay, an island between the Isle of Skye and the west of Scotland that is rooted in centuries of illicit distilling. Translated as ‘island of the roe (ore red) deer, like other parts of the area, the landscape was shaped by volcanic activity. The geology of the island means the water used by the distillery, which is sourced from the distillery’s own well, known as Tobar na Bà Baine/The Well of the Pale Cow, has a high mineral content thanks to the island’s volcanic and sandstone rock.

The distillery began distilling its own Hebridean single malt Scotch whisky in 2017 and released its first gin expression in 2019. The distillery was designed by local architect Olli Blair and built by several of the islanders. Over 10% of the island’s 160 residents are employed by the distillery, a symbol of island life, with spirits crafted to capture the spirit of the island, its history, and a glimpse of the future.

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Isle of Raasay Hebridean Gin

Isle of Raasay Gin is distilled using a recipe that was developed with ten botanicals, including some from the island. Distilled in a Frilli copper pot still, using mineral rich water from the distillery's well, the gin features juniper, rhubarb root, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice root, orris root, cubeb pepper, and triple distilled Raasay spirit. The flavour profile has a burst of juniper with sweet citrus orange and sweet rhubarb with a dry, zesty finish.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Rhubarb Root, Cubeb Pepper
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 46% vol
Goes great with: Twist of orange peel, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Isle of Raasay Distillery, Highland, Scotland
Released: August 2019



Raasay Distillery

Although the Isle of Raasay Distillery is focused on producing premium whisky expressions, the distillery also produces its own gin thanks to the unique distilling set-up. The bespoke Frilli whisky stills also features a botanical chamber, which allows the distillery to alternate between making new make spirit and their Isle of Raasay Hebridean Gin. Visitors to the distillery are treated to some truly spectacular views across to the Isle of Skye. The distillery features a cafe, tasing room and shop. A warm welcome awaits all visitors who make the short 10 minute ferry ride from the mainland to the Isle of Raasay.


Tour: Yes
Cafe: Yes
Shop: Yes
Booking: Book a distillery tour here


Borodale House, Isle of Raasay, Kyle, Scotland, IV40 8PB - View on Google Maps
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