Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

Showcasing Young Talent in Scotland's thriving Food & Drink Industry.

Published: 17th September 2018

We were recently invited to take part in the Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, a campaign launched and led by Scotland Food & Drink. Tying in with Year of Young People 2018, we decided to showcase some of the many young, innovative and leading young people working in Scotland’s thriving food & drink sector. We wanted to find out more about the many young people working in the Scottish Spirits sector and discover what their Scot Food Goals were for their careers, Scottish Gin and more.

Alexander Morrison

Owner, Chief Forager, Distiller & Bottler, The Pentland Still

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to champion Scotland’s natural larder. We have a whole host of delicious edible plants, berries and mushrooms that grow wild yet people are either too afraid or unsure of what they can pick and eat. I would love people to become more educated and confident to forage their own dinner!”

Bruce Walker

Apprentice Distiller, McQueen Gin

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to one day become Head Distiller once I have mastered the art of gin making, skills that are going to take a long time to learn. I love what I do and really enjoy learning more about distillation and the business side of running a successful distillery.

I would love to see Scottish Gin become a staple of Scottish exports and feel we are no longer just riding a wave but have actually seen a change in the way people view and consume gin. This shift in consumer attitudes has allowed for new investment and created more innovation in the gin market. It’s also led to new job opportunities at Scottish distilleries for young people like myself.”

Erin Watt

Brand Ambassador & Distillery Assistant, Orkney Gin Company

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to continue supporting my mum and dad and the business. I’ve been on a pretty exciting journey. My job varies from attending events and representing the brand, to making the gin, bottling it and labelling it, working on adverts, and delivering gin. I love the variety in my job, every day is different.

I want to continue helping grow the business but also continue to help raise the profile of Scottish Gin. Scottish Gin makers have gained a great reputation for making excellent Scottish Gin and there’s no reason why one day it can’t be as famous as Scottish Whisky.”

Jocelyn Heron

Brand Ambassador & Cafe Manager, Crafty Distillery

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to promote Galloway, Crafty Distillery and the many great food producers in the area. Our Tree Bar & Cafe showcases local food producers alongside our award-winning Hills & Harbour Gin. The fact we’re seeing visitor numbers to the distillery increasing month on month shows just how good the food and drink being produced in Galloway really is.”

Josh Fraser

Office Manager, GlenWyvis Distillery

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to continue to see the Food and Drink industry in Scotland grow. I want to help people realise the key role the Food and Drink sector plays in our country and that it can be an excellent path for many towards a fulfilling career. Provence and authenticity need to play a part, especially in the ever-growing craft whisky and gin market. I would like to see this continue so that it helps to protect the culture behind the craft drinks market here in Scotland.”

Louis Wright

Head of Production, Orkney Distillery

“My current #ScotFoodGoal is focused on expanding the range of spirits made here at the new distillery. I’m also playing a part in creating and introducing a variety of new experiences for the visitors to the distillery.

Long-term I want to continue promoting Orkney and Scotland to the world by spreading the message that Scottish drinks are some of the best  in the world.”

Mariusz Plucinski

Assistant Distiller, Brand Ambassador & Mixologist, Loch Ness Spirits

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to develop my career in the Scottish spirits sector. I’m originally from Poland where I graduated from university in Warsaw with a degree in Biology but have had a long held passion for mixology and spirits after working as a bartender for a number of years.

Today I’m part of the team at Loch Ness Spirits and recently helped create the new Loch Ness Bitters and have been working on a number of exciting new products with the team. Long term I’d love to one day open my own craft distillery and produce a range of craft drinks.”

Shona Maclennan

Social Media Assistant, Isle of Harris Distillers

“My #ScotFoodGoal would be for my journey of discovering new Scottish food and drinks to continue and for there to always be new flavours, new discoveries and new experiences to uncover. I also believe the food and drinks industry plays such an important role within our country and it’s important that people are aware of this. Being from a small island community I have seen the benefits the food and drinks industry provides creating new jobs and opportunities which might not have existed before.”

Suzie Crerar

Office Manager, Darnley’s Gin, Kingsbarns Distillery

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to help grow the reputation of Kingsbarns Distillery in the East Neuk of Fife as a premium attraction and visitor experience for those interested in Scottish Whisky and Scottish Gin. From our tours of Kingsbarns Distillery, new gin school in the Gin Cottage and more, we’ve got lots of exciting things for visitors to enjoy.” 

Zak Shenfield

Head of Production & New Product Development, Strathearn Distillers

“My #ScotFoodGoal is to continue making great quality spirits that people enjoy and to teach more people about the production of whisky.

Whisky production is a well guarded art, yet it is one of our biggest traditions in Scotland. We should be proud to showcase it and teach people how we make it.

I think giving the consumer more insight into the whisky making process would give them a far greater appreciation of what really goes into every bottle.”

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