Achnaha, Highland, Scotland
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Igneous was established in 2022 by husband and wife Miles and Katie Pote. The Igneous Distillery opened its doors in August 2023 with the official launch of its signature Igneous West Highland Dry Gin. The distillery is located in the remote Scottish village of Achnaha, on the Ardnamurchan peninsula on the West coast of Scotland, a place that holds special meaning to Miles. Upon their retirement, Miles’s parents chose Achnaha as the perfect place to enjoy retired life, spending many evenings admiring the area’s natural beauty. When the time came, and Miles inherited his parent’s home and his dad’s workshop, Miles and Katie knew they wanted to keep a connection with the area. With a love of gin and the area, the couple saw a unique opportunity to establish a distillery and brand that took its inspiration from the land on which the distillery would sit.

The term ‘Igneous’ refers to rock formed through lava’s cooling and solidification. The land where the distillery sits is nestled deep within the crater of an extinct volcano and has helped inspire the brand. With such a strong personal connection to the landscape, Katie and Miles wanted their bottle to reflect this. Katie started learning about ceramics, and with a lot of research, practice, and some mistakes along the way, she perfected the production process for the Igneous West Highland Dry Gin ceramic bottle.

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Igneous West Highland Dry Gin

Each bottle of Igneous West Highland Dry Gin comes in a unique, handmade ceramic bottle crafted by co-founder Katie Pote in her ceramic studio, meaning each bottle is a one-off with individual quirks. Igneous West Highland Dry Gin features a range of classic gin botanicals, including juniper and lemon peel combined with heather blossoms and a touch of fruit from rowan berries. The result is a juniper forward gin with earth green notes on the palate balanced with citrus, which helps emphasise the citrus from the juniper. Light floral notes come through from the heather, and some sweet and tart notes from the rowan berries.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Heather, Rowan Berries
Gin Style: London Dry Gin
Strength: 40% vol
Goes great with: A twist of lemon peel, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Igneous Distillery, Highland, Scotland
Released: August 2023



Igneous Distillery

The Igneous Distillery sits in the remains of an inactive volcano on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. The building was formerly co-founder Miles’s dad’s workshop, which underwent a complete refurbishment to create the Igneous Distillery. All distillation and production takes place on-site at the distillery, which houses the main computer controlled 250 litres still Genio still.


Tour: No
Gin School: No
Cafe: No
Bar: No
Shop: No


Shed on the Rocks, Achnaha, Kilchoan PH36 4LW - View on Google Maps
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