Followers Survey 2019

What you had to say about The Gin Cooperative.

Published: 5th March 2019

As a business, it’s important to us that the content we create is not only of a good quality but it must add value to the story of Scottish Gin. As more and more new gin brands come to market – the good, the bad and the ugly, we want to make sure how we position and talk about Scottish Gin captures how we feel about it. The drink. The people. The places.

We work with distillery owners, brand owners, distillery managers, marketing teams, couples, siblings, family-owned, privately-owned and more. We have a duty of care with regard to how we not only educate our audience about the many fantastic Scottish Gin brands but also that we promote alcohol in a sensible and safe way.

Having reached our first year in business, we wanted to make sure that how we talk about Scottish Gin meets the expectations of the people we work with but also strikes the right balance between industry and consumer topics and content for our audience.

During January, we undertook a survey with our followers. For good or bad, we wanted to find out what you thought we’re doing well and what we could do to improve. Here’s what you had to say…

Q1. How much do you enjoy The Gin Cooperative content?

1: Don’t like it – 0%

2: It’s ok – 0%

3: It’s good – 0%

4: It’s really good – 23%

5: Love it – 77%

Q2. What do you enjoy most about our social media feed?

Scottish Gin Features: 33%

Scottish Gin Photography: 23%

Scottish Gin News: 13%

Cocktail & Serving Suggestions: 15%

Distillery Visits: 8%

Competitions: 8%

Q3. Has The Gin Cooperative helped you learn more and discover new Scottish Gins?

Yes: 91% | No: 9%

Q4. Have you purchased any Scottish Gin as a result of The Gin Cooperative content?

Yes: 42% | No: 58%

“I’ve bought Esker and Teasmith.”


“Too many.”

“McQueen and Edinburgh Gin.”

“Hills and Harbour, Gin Bothy and House of Elrick”.



“Loch Ness Gin & Absinthe, Raven.”


“Soon Mackintosh.”

Q5. What would you like to see more of?

“Would be great to get a round up of where down South the distillers have contacts or suppliers or festival’s featuring them through the year.”

“Where to buy in England.”

“Add an online shop please – I use your website a lot to find more Scottish Gins, would be great just to be able to buy whilst I’m on your website.”

“Nothing really, keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Like to see The Gin Cooperative set-up an online shop.”

“Scottish Gin tours, North coast 500 information.”

“Not sure, I think you cover most of what I like to see.”

“Industry and distiller insight – already lots there but happy to have more.”

“Perfect as it is.”

“I really enjoy the news and distillery visits… just keep doing what you’re doing… Depending on funding etc a tasting session of Scottish gin could be good with maybe some of the distillers.”

“Features on all the different gins, prices, special offers.”

“Would love for you to organise a gin tasting event.”

Q6. What would you like to see less of?

“Think the whole newsfeed is really informative.”

“Nothing really. Although not interested in competitions.”

“Nothing it’s fab content.”

“Nothing I think what you do is really well balanced.”

“Can’t think of anything. Always a good mix of articles and features.”

Q7. Are you aware of International Scottish Gin Day, a day launched by The Gin Cooperative to celebrate all things Scottish Gin (03.08.2019)?

Yes: 84% | No: 16%

Q8. Do you know we have a Scottish Gin Poster & Maps available to download for free from our website?

Yes: 88% | No: 12%

Q9. Have you signed up to The Gin Cooperative email newsletter?

Yes: 69% | No: 31%

Q10. Do you have any other comments or feedback for us?

“Keep going, love your work.”

“Brilliant newsfeed that is extremely informative.”

“You’re doing a great job. Anyone who takes the time to promote Scottish Gin to the high standard you guys do can only give the Scottish gin industry a boost.”

“Keep up the fantastic work guys.”

“Love what you do and for only a two person business you get through so much content. Really impressive first year.”

“You both do a great job – I love to try new gin and it’s so much easier for me to choose when you have featured some on your page.”

“Brilliant website and downloads, love what you guys are doing for Scottish Gin.”

“Really excited to see what you guys have planned for International Scottish Gin Day, sure it will be amazing as you don’t do anything half hearted.”

“I’ve learnt a lot about gin thanks to your website and features. I’ve found myself using your website more and more to learn about the latest Scottish Gins.”

“Love the website, so much great info about Scottish Gin.”

“Excited to see what you guys do in 2019! Keep up the great work.”

Overall we’re extremely pleased with the feedback we received. Lots of really positive comments and lots of encouragement.

We’re sure that year 2 for us will bring highs and lows. Like any business, we can only do so much with the time and resources at our disposal, but we do work very hard to try and ensure the content we create is not only original and of a very high standard but that everyone we work with gets the chance to tell their story. We’re driven, passionate and we do care about our reputation as a business, as people and nurturing the reputation of Scottish Gin and the people we work with.

We’re grateful to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey and for all feedback. We are accountable to the Scottish Gin category for our actions and how we present Scottish Gin to our growing, engaged audience. We’re excited to have earned our voice in Scottish Gin and will continue to work hard at adding value to all the brands we work with.

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