A Round of Scottish Gin

Scott Gowans, Head Distiller at Darnley’s Gin.

Published: 1st October 2020

In our A Round of Scottish Gin video series we captured a snap-shot of life during the global pandemic. When the global pandemic started in 2020 we knew that many businesses would be impacted, including Scotland’s gin makers and brand owners. With many routes to market closed and opportunties put on hold we decided the best way we could provide support was to go live online and provide the Scottish Gin brand owners and our social media followers a chance to take part in a round of live interviews. We also invited other businesses and individuals from the Scottish Gin supply chain, bloggers and communicators to take part and provide insight into what life was life for them as the world came to a stand still.

In this video we chat with Scott Gowans, Head Distiller at Darnley’s Gin. We discover more about the Darnley’s story, the distillery, what makes Darnely’s Gin special and more.

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You can learn more about Darnley’s Gin here.

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