Walter Gregor's sponsors ISGD 2019

The Scottish Tonic brand have been confirmed as the official Scottish Tonic Sponsor for 2019.

Published: 13th February 2019

Scotland’s first tonic water, Walter Gregor’s, has been named as an official sponsor and Scottish Tonic of International Scottish Gin Day (ISGD) 2019. The all-natural Scottish tonic brand is produced in Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire and takes its name from a garden that was once owned by none other than Walter Gregor, a 19th century minister who served the historic parish of Pitsligo on the Aberdeenshire coast by order of Queen Victoria.

Claire Rennie, the founder of Walter Gregor’s, currently grows a range of botanicals and plants that she uses as ingredients in her tonics. In recent months, Claire has introduced a new range of tonics to accompany the original Walter Gregor’s tonic, which include Scottish Raspberry, Mint & Cucumber, Spiced and Apple & Cinnamon. Claire and her team have built a reputation for the quality of their tonics, which are made without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

On the announcement Claire said “Since the launch of the Walter Gregor’s rebrand and introduction of our new tonic range, we’ve seen interest in the provenance of tonic makers and brands become more of a talking point. We’re proud that we make all our tonics in the heart of Aberdeenshire. We’re a true rural business based on a small farm where all our tonics are made.

“Food and drink provenance is important to us as a business. We introduced a number of new tonics late last year that we feel work well as both mixers for your gin and can be enjoyed on their own. As gin’s popularity has increased so has demand for our premium tonic range so International Scottish Gin Day is a great opportunity to show our support for the many brilliant Scottish Gins being made here in Scotland. We’re really excited to be involved with what we think is a great idea to showcase Scottish Gins and the complementary brands and businesses like Walter Gregor’s who contribute to Scotland’s thriving and growing food and drinks sector.

“We’re currently looking at hosting an event of our own and we’re excited to see what other official events for ISGD 2019 we can look to be involved with.”

International Scottish Gin Day was established by us, The Gin Cooperative, the business behind the world’s largest dedicated Scottish Gin website, to help celebrate and promote Scottish Gins to a global audience. Just over a year old, we have seen our online Scottish Gin directory grow and website traffic increase dramatically since launch, reaffirming that the interest in Scottish Gin continues to grow month on month.

Natalie Reid, co-founder of The Gin Cooperative and International Scottish Gin Day said ‘We’ve known of Claire, her team and the Walter Gregor’s tonics for some time now. Not only are they a local business not far from where we’re based but the range of tonics are truly delicious and Claire is worthy of all the praise they receive. One of our objectives for ISGD 2019 was to bring on board a Scottish tonic to be part of the initiative. We’re delighted to collaborate with Claire and hope being involved with ISGD 2019 will showcase Walter Gregor’s tonic to our global ISGD audience so they can learn more about one of Scotland’s up and coming drinks brands.

“We were also keen to bring on sponsors that we know play a role in the wider story of Scottish Gin. We’ve met Claire over the last 12 months at various events and shows, we’ve seen first hand how passionate she is about her tonics so we knew Walter Gregor’s would be a great brand to have on board as a sponsor. We’re excited to share Claire and Walter Gregor’s story between now and the run up to ISGD 2019. I think Scotland has a lot to be proud of in regards to the gin, food and now tonics that are being made here in Scotland.”

With a variety of global events currently in the planning stages with a range of participants including some of the world’s most respected gin and cocktail bars, it’s predicted that over 100 million people will see ISGD content between the initial soft launch in September 2018 and the day itself, 3rd August 2019, and ISGD is predicted to become an annual celebration of Scotland’s gin makers and gin brands.

You can learn more about Walter Gregor’s here.

You can learn more about ISGD here.

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