International Scottish Gin Day

A celebration of all things Scottish Gin.

Published: 7th September 2018


When we established The Gin Cooperative in early January 2018 we had a few specific objectives we based the business around and things we wanted to achieve.

  1. Help tell the story of Scottish Gin with a non sales led approach.
  2. Help all gin makers of all shapes and sizes tell their own story.
  3. Create a content rich website and resource for gin drinkers to explore and discover Scottish Gin, including a detailed Scottish Gin Directory.
  4. Seek to collaborate with some of the best bars, cocktails bars and gin bars in the world and work together to showcase Scottish Gin.
  5. Create engaging and unique original content including editorial, photography, video and more – content that reflects the quality of Scottish Gin and adds value.
  6. Attract an international audience to our website and social media pages providing us with the opportunity to not only educate but the chance for us to learn from genuine gin drinkers and businesses working in the spirits industry.
  7. Create and develop commercial opportunities.
  8. Raise the international profile of Scottish Gin.
  9. Position Scottish Gin as being amongst the best in the world.
  10. Establish a day to celebrate all things Scottish Gin.

Well after five months planning, we’re delighted to announce International Scottish Gin Day 2019. International Scottish Gin Day (ISGD) will help a global audience discover the wonderful world of Scottish Gin and aims to create a special day established to raise the profile of Scottish Gin.

ISGD 2019 will be held on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019 and will provide an opportunity for Scottish Gin makers, bars, restaurants, bottle shops and gin drinkers to discover, celebrate and promote Scottish Gin. Established by The Gin Cooperative, a husband and wife business which promotes the story of Scottish Gin through its website, ISGD will provide businesses the chance to shape their own event around the day. This might include bottle shops hosting Scottish Gin tastings and meet the maker sessions or see bars and hotels hosting events that might include food and gin pairings. The possibilities are endless and this is what we want – an all inclusive day that celebrates the many fantastic and brilliant Scottish Gins distilled here in Scotland.

Co-Founder Natalie Reid, “With Scottish Gins sweeping the board and picking up a number of awards in 2018 at some of the world’s most prestigious and respected spirits competitions, the reputation of Scottish Gin as being amongst the best in the world has been firmly established. Scotland as a food and drink producing country is seen as a benchmark for quality so we wanted to create a day that celebrates Scottish Gin as one of Scotland’s newer, premium drinks.

“The Gin Cooperative was established at the beginning of 2018, along with my husband Martin, as a business that works with Scottish Gin makers to tell their story and the wider story of Scottish Gin to the consumer. We currently have the world’s largest Scottish Gin directory and dedicated Scottish Gin website. As a business, The Gin Cooperative promotes Scottish Gin brands and plays a role in telling the story of Scottish Gin. From day one, one of the objectives of the business was to establish a day that would provide the opportunity to showcase how fantastic Scottish Gin really is to a global audience.

“We’re currently engaged with a variety of UK based and International stakeholders to ensure that International Scottish Gin Day 2019 has the right global reach. We will be speaking with others within the Scottish Gin community in due course to ensure a collaborative approach so we can all tell the world how great Scottish Gin is, who the people are behind Scottish Gin, and what their amazing stories are.

“We’ve got lots of great content planned and are already speaking with a number of stakeholders including a premium tonic brand who have shown great interest in being a key sponsor. We’re also speaking with some of the world’s best bars along with a number of other businesses who have shown an interest in being involved. We view International Scottish Gin Day as a unique opportunity that can bring commercial benefits to the many great bars, restaurants and bottle shops who all play a vital and important role in telling the story of Scottish Gin to the consumer and who all add to the Scottish Gin experience.

“We’ll also be seeking the help and support of the many great food, drink and gin bloggers and will be contacting a number of bloggers in due course to seek their active involvement and to discuss how we can collaborate together. From the very beginning we’ve valued and enjoyed reading blog posts and seeing the great wealth of originality and creativity shown by the bloggers we follow, so we want to ensure ISGD 2019 provides them with an opportunity to tell their story.

“As a small husband and wife business we’re excited to be working on a project of this size and can’t wait to send out further details in due course of how to get involved. ISGD really will be a fantastic opportunity for us as a Scottish Gin community to tell the world the amazing story of Scottish Gin, collaborate and showcase both Scottish Gin and Scotland to the world – we hope you’ll join us for the gin journey.”

If you would like to be involved with International Scottish Gin Day, visit the website here or get in touch at

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