Vesperis Pictish Gin

40% ABV


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Vesperis Gin is the signature gin from the Blackford Craft Distillery. This gin uses a variety of organic botanicals including locally sourced heather honey and apples to create a sweetness and subtle spice along with a lasting woody, pine flavour. Each bottle has a vintage, a batch number, is uniquely numbered and signed, so no two bottles will ever be the same.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Juniper and floral notes


Piney, woody notes from the juniper, floral notes from the heather, bright citrus notes from lemon peel and a hint of sweetness from fresh apples and honey


A dry, spice on the finish

Key Botanical(s):

Heather Honey, Heather Blossom, Coriander Seed

Goes great with:

Pomegranate seeds, tonic and ice.
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Established in 2017 by husband and wife Neil and Katie Sime, Blackford Craft Distillery is a family run, micro distillery based out of a 19th century steading in Blackford, near Rothienorman. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of rural Aberdeenshire, the distillery produces small batch spirits, which are inspired by the local landscape and Aberdeenshire’s prehistoric past and links to The Picts. As craft distillers, the family is involved in every aspect of the distillation process from hand gathering ingredients to hand labelling and waxing every bottle.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is both a flavour profile and a production method. London Dry Gins tend to follow the traditional, classic flavour of piney juniper, citrus and spice. Alongside juniper, botanicals in London Dry Gin often include orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, citrus peel and coriander, among the core botanicals. The result is a dry gin that features piney juniper along with bursts of citrus and warming spice and earthy, dry notes from use of botanicals such as cassia bark and coriander. Nothing synthetic can be added like flavourings or colours and nothing can be added post distillation apart from water and a tiny amount of sugar meaning all flavours come from distillation.


Once part of the Blackford Estate, with links to Fyvie Castle, Maryfield of Blackford is a 6-acre property consisting of woodland, fields, the former farm house and steadings. With the aim of rescuing the steading, which has been neglected since Maryfield was separated from the farm land in 1989, Blackford Craft Distillery have partially refurbished the steading into a Still Room and plan to renovate the remainder into a fully licensed distillery comprising Production Room, Excise Warehouse, Office and Tasting Room.

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