Snawstorm Scottish Gin

42% ABV


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From the outset, the gin was intended to be clean, crisp and exceptionally smooth; a taste of the Cairngorms. The pine needles, which are foraged locally from around the owner’s home, work really well and complement the piney juniper, balanced alongside the citrus sweet dried Spanish oranges and fresh lime peel. The finished product is a juniper forward gin with a fresh citrus profile followed by a smooth, earthy dryness coming from the cubebs, cassia bark and almonds.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Juniper and piney citrus with a subtle hint of orange


Crisp, prominent juniper, fresh citrus zing balanced by a subtle, smooth earthy dryness


A long finish of juniper and citrus, the underlying hints of peppery dryness adds further depth

Key Botanical(s):

Spanish Oranges, Fresh Lime Peel, Scots Pine Needles, Almonds

Goes great with:

A slice of lemon, tonic and ice
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As keen hillwalkers, Leon and Susan Chessor wanted to create distinctively different spirits that evoked the Scottish landscape with unique and interesting characteristics. They were quite used to blizzard conditions roaming the Cairngorms National Park and this is where they first had the idea to use the purest water in making their spirits, which is collected from natural springs in the Cairngorms. The end result was always going to be a refreshing serve and so the branding was designed to be as clean and crisp as the spirit itself.

Distilled Gin

Distilled Gins are similar to London Dry Gins, except natural or artificial flavourings can be added after the distillation process. The flavours can vary greatly and some gins can often cross over to other gin styles, for example where sugars have been added to created an Old Tom style gin or maceration with fruit to create a Flavoured Gin. Some Distilled Gins also follow the London Dry style to the letter but go on to include additional botanical/s to their gin post-distillation and therefore can’t be classed as a London Dry Gin. Distilled Gin is sometimes referred to as Contemporary, New American, New Western or International style gin.


Snawstorm Scottish Spirits was set up in 2019 by husband and wife team Leon and Susan Chessor. With longer term ambitions of one day establishing their own distillery, the couple carefully selected the reputable and local distillery, Lost Loch Spirits, to develop and distil their products. Following the success of their first release spirit, Snawstorm Scottish Vodka, they followed in 2020 with their flagship gin. Both the vodka and gin is made using new-make spirit sourced from a local Speyside whisky distillery as it was important to them that they create distinctive spirits with unique characteristics.

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