Smithies Honeycomb Old Tom Gin

40% ABV


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Based on the original Smithies Gin recipe, this expression uses a childhood favourite to create a sweeter gin profile – honeycomb toffee. Sometimes called cinder toffee, providing the sweet flavour profile associated with the Old Tom gin style. Can be enjoyed neat over ice or served with ginger ale to bring out the sweet flavours of the honeycomb toffee.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Toasted caramel notes with bay and citrus on the nose


Caramelised honeycomb balanced by the bay and lime, plus light juniper


Creamy on the finish

Key Botanical(s):

Honeycomb Toffee

Goes great with:

Ginger ale and ice
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Smithies Gin is the result of a long held passion of Patti Smith and her two daughters, Jill and Beth. Patti has owned Smithies Deli in Arbroath for nearly 20 years and it has gained a reputation as being a specialist bottle shop, with a particular focus on gin. As the family’s obsession for gin grew, they decided to make their very own Smithies Gin, inspired by the daughters’ memories of their Grandad and his love for botanics and growing plants, flowers and herbs from seed.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a style of gin that’s had a resurgence in recent years. Old Tom Gins can be described as being similar to London Dry Gins expect sweeter. Normally, sugars, honey or sweet syrups are added in the distillation or post-distillation to create a sweet style gin that retains botanical flavours but is underpinned with sweet notes on the palate.


The family decided to work with award-winning contract distillery Distillutions, also based in their home town of Arbroath. Some of the original plants that Grandad Smith established in his garden have been used to make Smithies Gin, giving the creators a great sense of pride with three generations of the family involved in bringing this gin to life.

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