Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

43% ABV


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Rhubarb Old Tom presented in a reusable stoneware bottle is inspired by the Orcadian Summer. Made in the traditional Old Tom style, which originates from the 18th century, this is a soft and lightly sweetened gin. Botanicals include juniper, cinnamon, rose and Seville orange peel all infused in large quantities of chopped rhubarb.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Rhubarb and rose with slight juniper heat


Zesty rhubarb, more zest than sweetness, cinnamon warmth and floral notes


Rhubarb continues on through the finish with delicately balanced rose and a smooth juniper warmth

Key Botanical(s):

Rhubarb, Rose, Cinnamon

Goes great with:

Fresh raspberries, tonic or ginger beer and ice
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Gary and Andrea Watt, Orcadians and husband and wife team behind Orkney Gin Company, started making homemade gin as a Christmas gift for family and friends. Realising how much they enjoyed the process and going by the feedback they received from family and friends, The Orkney Gin Company was established, which now includes their daughter Erin. Gary and Andrea knew they wanted to create something truly original but with a sense of heritage and connection to the surrounding land. They opted for the cold-compounding method to create their gins, infusing the botanicals in a labour-intensive bathtub method to impart the unique aroma and flavours found in their award-winning gins.

Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin takes its name from a term that first appeared in America in the 1920’s during the prohibition era as bootleggers found bathtubs were the perfect size for making batches of gin. Also known as compounded or cold compounded, this production method combines a neutral alcohol spirit and botanicals in a large vessel where the alcohol slowly extracts the flavours and colours from the botanicals. 


After years of cold compounding gin at home, Gary and Andrea Watt, together with their daughter Erin, recently put the finishing touches on their modern purpose-built distillery next to their family home, which allows them to not only meet demand for their popular Orcadian 'Bathtub' gins but all also experiment and produce new flavours and styles including distilled spirits.

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