Pickering's Blood Orange & Caraway Gin

37.5% ABV


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Absolutely brimming with freshly squeezed sunshine, this naturally coloured and flavoured gin is refreshment in a glass. Blood orange peel and caraway seeds intermingle beautifully for this complex, citrus-led gin.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


With a more intense aroma than a normal orange, blood orange peel has a distinct, tart scent and flavour reminiscent of raspberries


A vibrant citrus top note leads way to aromatic caraway seeds, bringing a mild peppery note to the palate


The finish is long and sweet, with subtle fennel intermingling beautifully with the subtly sweetness of ripe blood orange peel

Key Botanical(s):

Blood Orange, Caraway

Goes great with:

In a Negroni cocktail or with a slice of orange and tonic
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Established in 2013, Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh’s first exclusive gin distillery in over 150 years, is housed on the site of an old animal hospital and veterinary school known locally as the Dick Vet. It’s now an arts venue called Summerhall with a pub and the distillery next door. Pickering’s was lovingly created by its founders, Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell. Business partners for 12 years. Friends for even longer. Their ethos? If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself. Marcus’s interest in gin came from his time working at Skibo Castle, perfecting cocktails and leading tours around the local distilleries. Matthew was responsible for transforming the old animal hospital dog kennels into a fully operational distillery, armed with his engineering degree and experience in the property renovation and construction sector.

Flavoured Gin

Flavoured Gins vary in flavour and colour. Often the gin will be infused with a flavour post-distillation through maceration or even the addition and blending of individual distillates or essences. Sometimes the gin will be created in one distillation. These styles of gin often have a key flavour which tends to lead the flavour profile, such as fresh berry fruit, citrus or any number of possible key botanicals and flavours. Although this gin style should still include juniper, it is often not the leading botanical.


The Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh’s first gin distillery in the city for over 150 years, is located in Edinburgh’s old animal hospital, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies or locally know as the ‘Dick Vet’. In 2013 it was refurbished and became one of Europe’s leading centres for creative arts housing an international art museum as well as hosting theatre, music and literature events in the building. The distillery is discreetly tucked just off the main courtyard and resides in the old dog kennels. Packed with character, it is a fitting home for Pickering’s gin and a magical setting for tours and tastings.

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