Pentland Hills Gin

40% ABV


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Pentland Hills Gin is made lovingly by co-founder Phil, distilled in limited quantities in a small 60 litre copper pot still, making this a genuine small batch gin. Botanicals include pink peppercorns, angelica, coriander, cardamom and orris root with a subtle infusion of orange, mint and cocoa nibs. The packaging and beautifully etches bottles are designed to be returned and refilled at a discounted price, which is an excellent way of enjoying the gin and doing your bit for the environment.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Juniper first and foremost, a hint of cardamon and mint with a subtle chocolate aroma


Spice on the first pass followed by a sweet, yet fresh hint of orange and mint


A light pepper spice with a subtle hint of cocoa

Key Botanical(s):

Pink Peppercorn, Orange, Mint, Cocoa

Goes great with:

A wedge of orange, tonic and ice
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Tarbraxus Distillery, makers of Pentland Hills Gin, can be found in the County of South Lanarkshire positioned on the North Western edge of the Pentland Hills, an area bounded by low hills, moorland and interspersed with forests and fields. Owners Phil and Tabatha distil the gin within a converted stable, aptly named the ‘Ginatorium’. The couple’s distilling ethos reflects their life of living within the countryside and sustaining the environment. They grow some of their own botanicals and are seeking to establish more, they also generate power through solar and other renewable sources. The couple, working with Scottish Woodlands, have also invested in replanting juniper alongside a broader programme of woodland regeneration.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is both a flavour profile and a production method. London Dry Gins tend to follow the traditional, classic flavour of piney juniper, citrus and spice. Alongside juniper, botanicals in London Dry Gin often include orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, citrus peel and coriander, among the core botanicals. The result is a dry gin that features piney juniper along with bursts of citrus and warming spice and earthy, dry notes from use of botanicals such as cassia bark and coriander. Nothing synthetic can be added like flavourings or colours and nothing can be added post distillation apart from water and a tiny amount of sugar meaning all flavours come from distillation.


The Tarbraxus Distillery is situated in the North Western edge of the Pentland Hills. The range of Pentland Hills Gin is made under the watchful eye of Panza, their chocolate brown Labrador who was the inspiration behind the Pentland Hills Gin bottle decoration. The distillery is home to a traditional 60 litre Alembic copper pot still named ‘Amy’ and the couple take great pride in doing everything on site including distillation, bottling, packing and of course their revolutionary refill service.

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