Inshriach 57% Navy Strength Speyside Dry Gin

57% ABV


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All the botanicals that go into making Inshriach Gin are found growing wild on the estate and surrounding areas, all within a few miles of the distillery. This Navy Strength version of the signature Inshriach 43% Original Gin is bottled at 57% ABV. It’s made with locally foraged Scottish juniper berries, juniper shoots and rosehip along with a number of other botanicals providing a sweet, floral, piney flavour. To taste, it’s bolder and more piney that the signature 43%.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Upfront it’s resinous but fresh like a winter’s forest walk, opens into grapefruit and peach, then dry with potpourri and a backbone of aniseed


Bold peppery juniper, with an olive oil feel on the tongue, spiced and tangy but not hot, superbly creamy all the way through into the finish


A prickle of juniper re-emerging at the back to bring it all together once the vanilla creaminess fades

Key Botanical(s):

Scottish Juniper, Rosehip, Douglas Fir

Goes great with:

A sprig of mint, slice of lime, tonic and ice
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Inshriach Estate consists of 200 acres of natural woodland and pasture bordered on the north by the river Spey and to the south by the foothills of the Cairngorms and just a few miles away from the famous Lairig Ghru long distance walk. It’s here you’ll find Inshriach House, an Edwardian country house and the estate’s distillery, Inshriach Distillery. The estate also features a number of unique and fun places to stay including bothies and huts. The Inshriach Distillery came to fame in 2015 by winning Channel 4’s Shed of the Year, although the distillery is far from what you expect when you picture a typical garden shed.

Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin, sometimes called gunpowder or overproof, has to be at least 57% ABV to be classed as a Navy Strength Gin in the UK. It earned the name ‘Navy Strength’ because sailors used to test the ABV of their rationed gin on the ship by mixing it with a small quantity of gunpowder and if the mixture ignited they would know the gin was suitable and had not been watered down. The higher ABV can often amplify the flavours and aromas.


The Inshriach Distillery is unlike any other distillery in the UK. On first glance, it appears to be an American Western Saloon that might not have looked out of place in the mid 18th century, frequented by cowboys, trappers and those seeking their fame and fortune from gold prospecting. On closer inspection, you’ll discover the sparkle of copper and the scent of juniper in the air. Inside you’ll discover a traditional copper pot still situated in the gin lab, a bar, a shop and a vast array of artefacts ranging from the curious to the hilarious. The distillery sits on the Inshriach estate, which is a hive of activity throughout the year hosting festivals, camping and bothy experiences and Inshriach House itself.

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