Illicit New Tom Gin

40% ABV


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Before London dry, there was Old Tom, a sweeter Gin closer to the original Dutch Genever. Illicit Spirits have given the style a modern makeover by adding pink peppercorns, tonka beans, rosehips and nasturtium flowers, and then sweetening post distillation with Scottish blossom honey and bee pollen.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


A natural sweetness with floral and citrus notes


Unmistakable juniper up front with a sweet, smooth and fresh taste bursting with floral and citrus notes


A sweet, bright finish

Key Botanical(s):

Pink Peppercorns, Nasturtium

Goes great with:

Tonic and ice
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The Illicit Spirits Distillery, established in 2017 by distiller Darran Edmond, is a true urban craft distillery that uses traditional distillation methods to create modern spirits. The name Illicit Spirits is a nod to both the era of illicit distilleries and also the Illicit Spirits location – hidden in plain sight just like the speakeasies of old, tucked away in a repurposed railway arch. Using a traditional direct-fired copper pot still, and Darran’s background in distilling, meant he had a good idea of what botanicals his ideal gin recipe would include. The Illicit Spirits Distillery will be a testbed for a number of exciting craft spirit projects and collaborations.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a style of gin that’s had a resurgence in recent years. Old Tom Gins can be described as being similar to London Dry Gins expect sweeter. Normally, sugars, honey or sweet syrups are added in the distillation or post-distillation to create a sweet style gin that retains botanical flavours but is underpinned with sweet notes on the palate.


Illicit Spirits Distillery is hidden away off a courtyard surrounded by railway arches and businesses of various guises. Once used for illegal raves in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, the site is now home to a legal distillery. Founded by Darran Edmond, the distillery is a true urban distillery producing gins and spirits inspired by both Glasgow and the history of distilling. 

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