Hrafn Gin Thought & Memory

45% ABV


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A premium dry gin, distilled in Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire. Made with a range of traditional botanicals and delicate mandarin. Fresh on the nose, light and smooth on the palette, with a distinctive warm and slightly spicy finish.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Fresh and bright, but with a spicy mandarin depth


First comes the juniper followed by deep mandarin flavours, juicy but dark. The finale is warming spice that ends with a crackle of pepper


Long and warming with a cleansing pepper burst

Key Botanical(s):


Goes great with:

A slice of lemon, tonic and ice
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Brothers Callum and Peter Sim were on a camper van holiday in 2017 that saw them visiting a number of Scottish Distilleries on the West Coast including a visit to Bruichladdich Distillery, home to The Botanist. That night they found themselves sitting under the stars talking about what botanicals would make up their ideal Scottish Gin. As young boys the brothers had been fascinated with Norse mythology, especially the mighty Odin and the story of his two ravens, sitting watchfully over his throne. A plan was literally hatched the next morning and Raven Spirits took flight.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is both a flavour profile and a production method. London Dry Gins tend to follow the traditional, classic flavour of piney juniper, citrus and spice. Alongside juniper, botanicals in London Dry Gin often include orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, citrus peel and coriander, among the core botanicals. The result is a dry gin that features piney juniper along with bursts of citrus and warming spice and earthy, dry notes from use of botanicals such as cassia bark and coriander. Nothing synthetic can be added like flavourings or colours and nothing can be added post distillation apart from water and a tiny amount of sugar meaning all flavours come from distillation.


Brothers Peter and Callum Sim spent over a year developing their ideal flavour combination, developing the recipe and testing small batches. Agreeing to distil themselves on site, they partnered with nearby Deeside Distillery to refine and upscale their signature Hrafn (pronoucned Ra-vn), meaning Raven in Old Norse. The distillery is home to a variety of still types, including a modern iStill and a bespoke Adolf Adrian copper still.

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