GoodWill Christmas Gin

46% ABV


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Christmas GoodWill Spiced Gin is a Limited Edition Scottish craft gin matured in oak casks hand-picked by the distillery team, to add some welcome winter warmth. Made in Dingwall using nine botanicals, the GlenWyvis Christmas GoodWill Gin is characterised by seasonal flavours of cinnamon and rich dried fruits.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Fruity with oaked wood notes


Festive glazed fruits come to the fore with citrus taking a backseat. This gin provides a rich mouth-feel, like honey. There is a pleasant, subtle wood tannin that comes through from the cask maturation and this adds another rich layer.


Spice on the finish, cinnamon being the stand out alongside coriander, orris root, angelica root and of course the Oloroso cask finish.

Key Botanical(s):

Cinnamon, Hawthorn, Orange, Lemon

Goes great with:

A slice of orange, Mediterranean tonic and ice
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The GlenWyvis Distillery is a truly unique and community-owned distillery with over 3,200 shareholders from all over the world. Based on the outskirts of Dingwall in Ross-shire, an area that has rich, historic links to distilling in the area, GlenWyvis Distillery, which was officially opened in 2017, is a completely self-sufficient distillery that utilises the ever changing weather to create green energy and reduce their operational carbon footprint.

Cask Aged Gin

Cask Aged Gin is created as a result of gin being stored for a set amount of time in a wooden cask or with wooden chips. Although gin was traditionally transported around the world in wooden casks of all types, cask aged gins are anything but old fashioned. Thanks to the diversity of casks including sherry, port, whisky, bourbon and wine, Cask Aged Gin can provide some dynamic and rich flavour profiles as the gin is imbued with deep flavours and colours from the wood, often rich in flavours and pigments from it’s previous contents.


The GlenWyvis distillery has an eagle’s eye view over the local town of Dingwall. The distillery is not only a community-owned distillery producing whisky and gin, it’s also part of a working farm estate that’s home to a variety of livestock. The distillery is also a sustainable distillery, that uses wind, hydro, solar and biomass energy to power production, helping to reduce their operational carbon footprint.

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