Glaswegin Peated Cask Gin

41.1% ABV


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This special edition cask aged Glaswegin has been aged in Islay single malt whisky casks. Hand-selected from a well-known distillery, the casks add just the right amount of charcoal complexity to the signature Glaswegin base. Limited to 539 bottles.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Juniper and smoked wood aromas


Smoked cedar and pine top notes


A malty and complex finish reminiscent of Genever

Key Botanical(s):

Milk Thistle, Orange Flower, Pink Peppercorn, Bay Leaf

Goes great with:

Neat over ice or with a splash of ginger beer and a twist of orange
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The founder of Glaswegin found himself discussing the irony of Edinburgh Gin appearing in Glasgow bars one too many times, and so he knew it was time for Glasgow to have a truly overt Glasgow Gin. The ethos was to create a frank, no frills, yet distinctive gin, representative of its namesake.

Cask Aged Gin

Cask Aged Gin is created as a result of gin being stored for a set amount of time in a wooden cask or with wooden chips. Although gin was traditionally transported around the world in wooden casks of all types, cask aged gins are anything but old fashioned. Thanks to the diversity of casks including sherry, port, whisky, bourbon and wine, Cask Aged Gin can provide some dynamic and rich flavour profiles as the gin is imbued with deep flavours and colours from the wood, often rich in flavours and pigments from it’s previous contents.


This frank, no nonsense Scottish Gin is currently distilled at Illicit Spirits Distillery in the heart of Glasgow’s Tradeston in a repurposed railway arch. Planning is underway to create their very own Glaswegin Distillery while the brand establishes itself in the city, and beyond.

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