Four Marys Forever Fresh Gin

40% ABV


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Inspired by the ladies-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots, who was born at Linlithgow Palace. The third in the series features Mary Seton known as the ‘devoted one’, who remained committed to Mary through most of her incarceration. Mary Seton helped Mary Queen of Scots plan a daring escape from Loch Leven Castle. Distilled with eucalyptus leaves, peppermint and lemon verbena to create a fresh and cool flavour profile. The gin is then infused with butterfly pea flowers that turns the gin a delicate shade of pink when tonic is added.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


The scent is of a breath of wintery fresh air which clears the nasal passages and leaves lingering eucalyptus and mint


Clean and fresh with juniper and eucalyptus at the front, swiftly followed by the subtle undertones of lemon verbena and lemon balm, gently giving way to a hint of cool fresh peppermint


A long hint of lemon and mint which leaves the palate feeling cleansed and fresh

Key Botanical(s):

Eucalyptus Leaves, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena

Goes great with:

A wedge of lime, tonic and ice.
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The team at Linlithgow Distillery, Ross and Alyson Jamieson, had one simple aim with their distillery – make a quality Gin using the best sourced and locally foraged botanicals from the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow to make a truly special local Gin. As a family business and understanding the importance to the area of having its own special gin, Linlithgow Distillery recruited over 100 people from the local area to help develop what would become their signature Scottish Gin.

Flavoured Gin

Flavoured Gins vary in flavour and colour. Often the gin will be infused with a flavour post-distillation through maceration or even the addition and blending of individual distillates or essences. Sometimes the gin will be created in one distillation. These styles of gin often have a key flavour which tends to lead the flavour profile, such as fresh berry fruit, citrus or any number of possible key botanicals and flavours. Although this gin style should still include juniper, it is often not the leading botanical.


All gins in the Linlithgow range are distilled in the family-run Linlithgow Distillery, in the heart of the town. With premises secured in 2017, the couple set to work renovating their new distillery space before taking delivery of their new gin still, affectionately named ‘Gleann Iucha’ which is Scots Gaelic for Linlithgow. In 2019, they installed a second larger still to keep up with demand and increase production capacity.

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