Elgin Heather Honey Gin

40% ABV


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Speyside Heather Honey Gin is a taste of Speyside’s beautiful landscape, infused with a range of botanicals and locally grown raspberries, strawberries, apples and Scottish oats blended together with Speyside Heather Honey.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Freshly harvested sweet honey with a earthy juniper backdrop


Sweet honey with floral notes from the ling heather and notes of earthy juniper and subtle spice with creamy, warm rich mouthfeel


Sweet lingering finish

Key Botanical(s):

Raspberries, Oats, Honey

Goes great with:

A slice of lemon, Sicilian lemonade and ice
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Based in the heart of whisky country, distilling was in the blood of the El:gin founders. El:gin was established in early 2015 and following months of trials, the first gin was launched in May 2016. It was important for the founders that the gin was truly local and emulate the majestic Moray countryside, so it goes without saying that distillation and bottling takes place in a small distillery located within the tranquil grounds of a local estate. The small team, all locally raised, have selected hand picked botanicals, which they feel represent their surrounding area to produce El:gin. The gins have a distinctive smooth creaminess coming from their unique distillation with Scottish oats and a subtle sweetness from locally grown berries.

Flavoured Gin

Flavoured Gins vary in flavour and colour. Often the gin will be infused with a flavour post-distillation through maceration or even the addition and blending of individual distillates or essences. Sometimes the gin will be created in one distillation. These styles of gin often have a key flavour which tends to lead the flavour profile, such as fresh berry fruit, citrus or any number of possible key botanicals and flavours. Although this gin style should still include juniper, it is often not the leading botanical.


Tucked away on a private estate on the outskirts of Elgin, you’ll find the El:gin Distillery. Housed in a purpose built outbuilding, the distillery houses two traditional fired copper pot emblematic stills used to create the various El:gin gin expressions. The estate is also home to some of the fruit and botanicals used by the team along with an on-site source of fresh water from a local spring. Company is never in short supply as you’re greeted by the estate’s local inhabitants including red squirrels, red deer, a pony, a shetland pony and a donkey!

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