Edinburgh Gin Lemon & Jasmine

40% ABV


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Carefully combining both citrus and floral botanicals, Edinburgh Gin Lemon & Jasmine Gin is a palate-pleasing gin that showcases the contrasting characteristics of each botanical. Bright and zesty citrus lemon alongside the light and floral scent of jasmine flowers delivers the scent of summer on the nose. By contrast the flavour profile delivers a juniper note with layers of lemon and citrus oils and a lingering, sweet finish.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Sweet heady notes of jasmine blossom


Smooth with bold lemon notes balanced by classic juniper


Lingering citrus leads to a sweet finale

Key Botanical(s):

Lemon Peel, Jasmine Blossom

Goes great with:

A twist of lemon, light tonic and ice.
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Edinburgh Gin is committed to the art and science of distilling, and of creating innovative, award-winning gins. Based in Scotland’s capital city, they are ever inspired by its gin making heritage, and of its position as a global light; a home to scientists, artists, philosophers and inventors. Edinburgh Gin is an artful distillation, capturing the spirit of these luminaries, whilst respecting and paying tribute to their unique sense of place; inspiring them to create a world class portfolio of gins.

Flavoured Gin

Flavoured Gins vary in flavour and colour. Often the gin will be infused with a flavour post-distillation through maceration or even the addition and blending of individual distillates or essences. Sometimes the gin will be created in one distillation. These styles of gin often have a key flavour which tends to lead the flavour profile, such as fresh berry fruit, citrus or any number of possible key botanicals and flavours. Although this gin style should still include juniper, it is often not the leading botanical.


The production of the Edinburgh Gin expressions is spread over two unique distillery sites in Edinburgh. Heads & Tales is both a bar and home two stills, Flora and Caledonia. Both stills are used to distil a variety of Edinburgh Gin expressions. The second production site is housed in the Biscuit Factory, located a few miles away in Leith. The distillery in The Biscuit Factory houses a large 1000 litre traditional copper pot Hoga Still. The site also features a number of smaller stills, which are used for recipe creation and development before being upscaled at either The Biscuit Factory or Heads & Tales.

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