Downpour Pink Grapefruit Gin

40% ABV


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Downpour Pink Grapefruit Gin is created using the signature Downpour Scottish Dry Gin as the base before being infused with fresh pink grapefruits and a sprinkling of pink peppercorns. The result is a Scottish Gin that’s still got classic gin notes including juniper and citrus but with the addition of zingy grapefruit and a warming spice on the finish.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Piney balanced with citrus and spice


Classic gin notes including juniper and citrus but with the addition of zingy grapefruit


A warming spice finish

Key Botanical(s):

Pink Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn, Heather

Goes great with:

A slice of pink grapefruit, tonic and ice
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Couple Kate MacDonald and Jonny Ingledew both grew up on North Uist before moving to the mainland to follow their careers. With a background in distilling and brewing, Jonny along with Kate, felt the call of the island drawing them back. With a love of island life and with each of their respective families being an integral part of the community on North Uist, they decided the time was right to relocate home in and establish a new chapter in both the stories of their families and the island, with their flagship Downpour Gin launching in April 2019.

Distilled Gin

Distilled Gins are similar to London Dry Gins, except natural or artificial flavourings can be added after the distillation process. The flavours can vary greatly and some gins can often cross over to other gin styles, for example where sugars have been added to created an Old Tom style gin or maceration with fruit to create a Flavoured Gin. Some Distilled Gins also follow the London Dry style to the letter but go on to include additional botanical/s to their gin post-distillation and therefore can’t be classed as a London Dry Gin. Distilled Gin is sometimes referred to as Contemporary, New American, New Western or International style gin.


With the blessing of the twelve island crofters, the couple behind North Uist Distillery Co. were granted permission to build their own distillery located on the historic ‘Illeray Common Grazing’ land. Kate and Jonny are currently distilling from a temporary location on the island until their new distillery is completed. The historic Nunton Steadings building on Benbecula will be the site for their brand new distillery. With a rich history, including tales of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his connection with Nunton, this U-Shaped building features beautiful original cobbled floors, which will be the perfect place for the whisky casks during maturation as well as a home for their planned visitor centre.

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