Deerness Distillery Vara Gin

40% ABV


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Vara in Old Norse means ‘becoming spring’, hence the beautiful puffin illustration. Puffins, or ‘tammie norries’ as they’re known in Orkney, spend most of their life at sea, but they can be found all over the cliffs of Orkney between April and August. Key botanicals include tarragon, rosemary, elderflower, lemon grass and red grapefruit. The gin is infused with pink rose petals post distillation, which is what gives the gin its beautiful pink colour. The gin is described as juniper-led with rosemary, citrus and cardamom undertones and a sweet pink rose finish.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Fresh herbs and citrus with a subtle spice


Juniper-led followed by fresh rosemary, sweet citrus and subtle cardamom undertones


A stunning sweet pink rose finish

Key Botanical(s):

Tarragon, Rosemary, Elderflower, Lemon Grass, Red Grapefruit, Rose Petals

Goes great with:

A twist of lime, elderflower tonic and ice
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A family run craft distillery in the Parish of Deerness, the team led by Stuart and Adelle Brown value friendship, tradition and cherish the community spirit that’s to be found on the island. When they were building the distillery, this community spirit was in abundance as family, friends and neighbours all turned up to lend a helping hand. Everyone involved knew they were helping to create something authentic for the island.

Distilled Gin

Distilled Gins are similar to London Dry Gins, except natural or artificial flavourings can be added after the distillation process. The flavours can vary greatly and some gins can often cross over to other gin styles, for example where sugars have been added to created an Old Tom style gin or maceration with fruit to create a Flavoured Gin. Some Distilled Gins also follow the London Dry style to the letter but go on to include additional botanical/s to their gin post-distillation and therefore can’t be classed as a London Dry Gin. Distilled Gin is sometimes referred to as Contemporary, New American, New Western or International style gin.


Designed and built by Stuart, a former engineer, along with his wife Adelle and their family and friends, you’ll find a warm welcome at the Deerness Distillery. While the purpose built distillery is quite industrial from the outside, the open plan interior is a beautifully designed and functional space. The Deerness Distillery’s range of gins, alongside other spirits and liqueurs, is distilled in a traditional direct-fired copper pot still. There’s a large space for bottling, waxing and storage and the distillery also houses a small tasting bar area and shop, which features lots of orkney made gifts, plus an impressive selection of tonics.

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