Darnley's Navy Strength Gin

57.1% ABV


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This Navy Strength edition of Darnley’s Spiced Gin coming in at 57.1% ABV was inspired by the illustrious Royal Navy career of the family ancestor Sir Rosslyn Wemyss who commanded ships around the world and rose to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet. His ships’ officers enjoyed a daily ration of gin that had to pass a gunpowder test to prove it was over 57% alcohol and therefore Navy Strength. It retains the warming spice flavours of the Spiced Gin but with more juniper.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Clementine, nutmeg, spruce, cinnamon, freshly grated black pepper


Ginger, citrus with a sweet and fresh character


Ginger, cinnamon, rich fruit, milled pepper and orange rind mixes well with the spice

Key Botanical(s):

Cloves, Ginger, Cinnamon

Goes great with:

A wedge of pink grapefruit, tonic and ice
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Darnley’s Gin began as a Wemyss family adventure, a brother and sister with a background in whisky and wine, fascinated by the endless combination of botanicals you could use in gin making and the impact this could have on flavour. In 2018, production was moved to Scotland and more specifically to Kingsbarns Fife and the Wemyss family home and farm, which is situated in the picturesque East Neuk of Fife. Darnley’s Distillery is housed in a charming cottage overlooking Kingsbarns golf course and the North Sea beyond.

Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin, sometimes called gunpowder or overproof, has to be at least 57% ABV to be classed as a Navy Strength Gin in the UK. It earned the name ‘Navy Strength’ because sailors used to test the ABV of their rationed gin on the ship by mixing it with a small quantity of gunpowder and if the mixture ignited they would know the gin was suitable and had not been watered down. The higher ABV can often amplify the flavours and aromas.


The site at Kingsbarns is home to both the Kingsbarn’s Distillery the Darnley's Gin Distillery. The Kingsbarn’s Distillery, where the whisky is distilled, is in the renovated remains of the former coach house and also features a visitors centre, a fascinating tour of the distillery and exhibition about the history of the site, shop and cafe. Darnley's Gin Distillery is housed in the gin cottage, a 19th century Scottish cottage that's been repurposed to house both the gin distillery and gin school.

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