Biggar Cask Aged Gin

43% ABV


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This is the first in a series of new cask aged Scottish Gins from The Biggar Gin Company. Their award-winning Biggar Gin has been aged in a 100 litre virgin French oak barrel, imbuing extra notes of vanilla from the vanillin in the oak. Only 200 bottles have been produced so it won’t hang around long. We recommend trying this in a Martinez or a Manhattan cocktail.

Tasting notes

Key Botanical(s):

Rosehip, Rowan Berry, Pink Peppercorn

Goes great with:

Try this in a Martinez or a Manhattan cocktail
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Biggar as a place has a reputation for innovation and punching above its weight and The Biggar Gin Co. is no exception. The Bigger Gin Co. was established by brothers Stuart and Euan McVicar in 2018. The brothers work from their base at the bottom of Tinto Hill in South Lanarkshire and their gin is based on a philosophy. The philosophy centres on a ‘Biggar Mentality’. Small batch, quality crafted gins that mix tradition and innovation. Combining modern distilling methods whilst refining processes and adapting new methods to make unique gin. Gin that is made with passion, care and a focus on taste that reflects the local landscape but also pays homage to traditional gin.

Cask Aged Gin

Cask Aged Gin is created as a result of gin being stored for a set amount of time in a wooden cask or with wooden chips. Although gin was traditionally transported around the world in wooden casks of all types, cask aged gins are anything but old fashioned. Thanks to the diversity of casks including sherry, port, whisky, bourbon and wine, Cask Aged Gin can provide some dynamic and rich flavour profiles as the gin is imbued with deep flavours and colours from the wood, often rich in flavours and pigments from it’s previous contents.


Brothers Stuart and Euan, based in South Lanarkshire, opted to partner with an established distillery to create their spirits until their own distillery was built. Three years after working with Strathearn Distillery to produce Biggar Gin, the distillery is finally ready and will be home to their range of gins from 2021. Biggar have always produced no more than 200 bottles in a batch and they intend to continue their "small batch gin, Biggar mentality" philosophy into this new chapter for their Scottish Gin business and brand.

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