Avva Blink Scottish Gin

40% ABV


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Avva Blink Scottish Gin features a number of gin botanicals; five of which are foraged and sourced locally including rowan, red clover, mint, dandelion and nettle. A special twelfth botanical has been used in the production process of Avva Blink Scottish Gin – butterfly pea. The addition of this delicate flower not only gives a slightly floral tasting note but it also means that when tonic water is added to the gin, thanks to the natural PH levels of the butterfly pea, the gin turns from a deep blue to a shade of pink.

Tasting notes

Key Botanical(s):

Butterfly Pea, Rowanberries, Red Clover

Goes great with:

A slice of lime or red apple, tonic and ice
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Moray Distillery, established in 2016, can be found in the heart of the old Cathedral city of Elgin in the world famous Speyside area of the Scottish Highlands. Steeped in history and tradition, this part of Scotland is known to many as the whisky distillery heartland of the world. Founder and distiller Jill Brown is responsible for all areas of production, including distilling, filling, and hand numbering and signing of all bottles on site.

Distilled Gin

Distilled Gins are similar to London Dry Gins, except natural or artificial flavourings can be added after the distillation process. The flavours can vary greatly and some gins can often cross over to other gin styles, for example where sugars have been added to created an Old Tom style gin or maceration with fruit to create a Flavoured Gin. Some Distilled Gins also follow the London Dry style to the letter but go on to include additional botanical/s to their gin post-distillation and therefore can’t be classed as a London Dry Gin. Distilled Gin is sometimes referred to as Contemporary, New American, New Western or International style gin.


Moray Distillery is based in Elgin and in 2021 underwent a number of improvements, including reopening to tours and tastings throughout the year. The bespoke still at Moray Distillery was made in Elgin by local copper work specialists Speyside Copper Works. Named after the founder's grandmothers, the still known as Jessie Jean (or J-J) is at the heart of the distillery.

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