Achroous Gin

41% ABV


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Electric Spirit Co. opted for some non-traditional botanicals including Sichuan Pepper, which adds a woody, floral warmth and spice to the taste. Sensitively made so the botanicals blend and complement the faint aniseed and herbal kick of fennel.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


The Sichuan peppercorns bring a huge floral spice while the fennel adds a grassy herbaceous hint of anis


Juniper first, then a woody, musty quality from the root botanicals, a gentle sweetness from the fennel seed and a fragrant, earthy citrus from the peppercorns


Resinous bitterness, laced with warm, delicate notes of spice and sweet anis

Key Botanical(s):

Sichuan Pepper, Fennel Seed, Coriander Seed

Goes great with:

In a Negroni cocktail or simply with tonic and ice
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Established in 2017 by product designer, photographer and distiller James Porteous, Achroous Gin is the flagship release from Electric Spirit Co. Completing a Masters Degree in distillation at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, famous amongst the distillation world for its courses and facilities, James set to work setting up Electric Spirit Co. and started work on his signature spirit - Achroous Gin; a gin that combines both craft and flavour. Working from the shared Tower Street Stillhouse in Leith, James also helped develop the recipe for Port of Leith Distillery's Lind & Lime Gin.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is both a flavour profile and a production method. London Dry Gins tend to follow the traditional, classic flavour of piney juniper, citrus and spice. Alongside juniper, botanicals in London Dry Gin often include orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, citrus peel and coriander, among the core botanicals. The result is a dry gin that features piney juniper along with bursts of citrus and warming spice and earthy, dry notes from use of botanicals such as cassia bark and coriander. Nothing synthetic can be added like flavourings or colours and nothing can be added post distillation apart from water and a tiny amount of sugar meaning all flavours come from distillation.


Sitting just a few yards from the Port of Leith basin and hidden away amongst some inconspicuous industrial units, you’ll find the Tower Street Stillhouse, the current shared home of Electric Spirit Co. and the Port of Leith Distillery. It’s fair to say it’s the only distillery in the UK to feature a shed as an office! The shared distillery space has proven to be a space for collaboration, innovation and experimentation for distiller James Porteous.

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