Aberdeen Gin Choc Mint

40% ABV


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This deliciously different gin was created to provide a fun, sweet, yet sugar-free, rich and full flavoured gin for visitors to the distillery. The team has created a number of small batch demi-john style gins, which they’re serving to distillery visitors and gin school pupils, providing fantastic feedback to the distillery team. This gin received such high praise from visitors that the distillery decided to bottle it and sell as one of their core gins.

Tasting notes

Key Flavours:


Juniper to nose but with fresh mint and a warmth from cacao


There’s an initial mint freshness, followed by waves of sweet, long lasting chocolate notes


Lasting warm sweet notes

Key Botanical(s):

Peppermint, Cacao

Goes great with:

A sprig of mint, tonic and ice
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The idea for the City of Aberdeen Distillery goes back to 2013 when friends Alan Milne and Dan Barnett got chatting about beer and spirits. The friends, who both had a shared love of wine, beer, gin and spirits and met through the Aberdeen University Wine Society, felt it was about time Aberdeen had a distillery to call its own. A place that could produce gin and spirits that were influenced by the local area; include Aberdeen’s heritage and history but with a sprinkling of fun, humour and of course Doric, the local dialect. Based in a former store house in an arch under Aberdeen’s main railway line, Alan and Dan took the empty space and have fitted it out to accommodate both the distillery and gin school. One of the distillery’s mantras is “Made for Aberdeen, by Aberdeen”; The City of Aberdeen Distillery is proud to be reviving Aberdeen’s lost distilling heritage.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is both a flavour profile and a production method. London Dry Gins tend to follow the traditional, classic flavour of piney juniper, citrus and spice. Alongside juniper, botanicals in London Dry Gin often include orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, citrus peel and coriander, among the core botanicals. The result is a dry gin that features piney juniper along with bursts of citrus and warming spice and earthy, dry notes from use of botanicals such as cassia bark and coriander. Nothing synthetic can be added like flavourings or colours and nothing can be added post distillation apart from water and a tiny amount of sugar meaning all flavours come from distillation.


City of Aberdeen Distillery is the first legal distillery in Aberdeen for 80 years. The distillery and gin school are housed in a discreet railway arch just south of Aberdeen’s famous granite mile, Union Street. Located a short distance from the River Don, the former railway arch once stored goods that arrived by boat at the local harbour before being transported to the arch for storage. The distillery space features a working distillery along with the City of Aberdeen Distillery Gin School, where visitors can enjoy a gin making experience, tours and sample a range of experimental gins.

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