Negroni Week

We celebrate the 100th anniversary of this classic gin cocktail.

Published: 24th June 2019

Negroni Week, launched by Imbibe in 2013, is a celebration of one of the world’s greatest cocktails. The week was established as a platform for raising money for charities around the world. Since 2013, Negroni Week has grown from around 120 participating venues to almost 10,000 venues around the world, and to date, they have collectively raised close to $2 million for charitable causes.

Celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, the Negroni is said to have originated in Florence, Italy at Caffè Casoni in 1919. Count Camillo Negroni requested the resident bartender Fosco Scarselli create a stronger version of the Count’s favourite cocktail, the Americano. Rather than adding the usual soda water, Fosco used gin instead, along with an orange garnish rather than the traditional lemon.

Traditionally, the classic Negroni features one part Gin, one part sweet Vermouth, one part Campari, stirred (not shaken, for us) and served over ice with orange garnish. However, there are so many variations on the classic cocktail and even if you stick with the traditional elements, there are a number of sweet Vermouths on the market worth sampling including Punt e Mes Vermouth, Carpano Antica Vermouth and Regal Rogue Bold Red Vermouth. Some will substitute Campari for Aperol, which has a slightly less bitter taste. It’s not uncommon to use bitters and even swap out certain elements for alternative spirits, for example, substituting Campari and sweet Vermouth for Suze and Lillet, creating the “White Negroni”. And if you really want your gin to stand strong against the other spirits, you can always double the measure of gin.

We’ve kept things traditional and created seven Scottish Gin themed Negronis to honour this classic cocktail and its 100th birthday.

Farmer Strength Drovers Gin from The Wee Farm Distillery in South Lanarkshire celebrates the spirit and resilience of the men and women farmers who contribute to Scotland’s world class food and drink industry. Drovers Gin is described as a classic gin with the right balance and blend of citrus and spice.

Learn more about The Wee Farm Distillery here.

Seven Crofts Gin from Highland Liquor Co. pays homage to the original seven settlers and crofts in Ullapool where this gin is made. Described as balanced and elegant with distinctive flavours of juniper, pepper, orchard fruit and a poised, spicy finish.

Learn more about Highland Liquor Co. here.

Hailing from Leith in Edinburgh, Electric Spirit Co.’s Achroous Gin features Sichuan Pepper, which adds a woody, floral warmth and spice to the taste. Sensitively made so the botanicals blend and compliment the faint aniseed and herbal kick of fennel.

Learn more about Electric Spirit Co. here.

Hrafn Gin Valahalla from Raven Spirits in Aberdeenshire is based on their earlier limited edition Founders Edition, but the flavours are deeper with a more intense taste and spice at the centre then a long lingering finish with the sweetness of their signature mandarin.

Learn more about Raven Spirits here.

A gin for Glasgow, the ethos behind Glaswegin was to create a frank, no frills yet distinctive gin, representative if its namesake. Glaswegin is produced with local Scottish milk thistle and, to taste, provides strong juniper and lime notes.

Learn more about Glaswegin here.

Rock Rose Pink Grapefruit Old Tom Gin is distilled at Dunnet Bay Distillers in the Highlands of Scotland. Pink grapefruit peel is vapour infused along with other traditional gin botanicals then lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar. The result is a gin with a wonderful fresh citrus flavour and a beautiful sweetness.

Learn more about Dunnet Bay Distillers here.

The Glasgow based team have combined their signature Garden Shed Gin with the delightful attributes of Côte-Rôtie. By ageing the gin in an old wine barrique, it has naturally absorbed some of the aromatic flavours left in its staves as well as a little colour.

Learn more about The Garden Shed Drinks Company here.

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