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Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland
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Tipple Spirits Company is the brainchild of gin drinkers and couple Neil Thomson and Laura Punzano. Like many other gin brands, the couple started with the idea of creating their own Scottish Gin and began experimenting with flavour profiles at home. They wanted to create a signature gin that would take the drinker on a journey with juniper at its heart accompanied by a selection of local and traditional botanicals.

Based in Aberdeen Scotland, Neil and Laura refined their recipe before seeking the advice and help of a distiller at an award-winning distillery in Aberdeenshire to upscale and refine their signature gin profile to create their perfect tipple. Originally scheduled to launch in June 2020, the launch was postponed by over a year, before Tipple Gin was finally released in July 2021.

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Tipple Gin

Tipple Gin features a number of locally sourced and international botanicals to create a gin that has traditional juniper along with wild berries, fresh and green rosemary and some sweetness from the use of honey. The fruit notes come from the use of damsons, a small wild fruit that has a tart, sweet and sour flavour. The honey is sourced from a local beekeeper whose bees collect nectar from the Dee valley and thanks to the bees collecting nectar from heathers, wild flowers, willow herb and clover, the honey is both delicious and unique. The distillation also uses fresh, clean water from Royal Deeside. The flavour profile strikes the perfect balance of juniper, citrus, herbaceous and red berries providing a rich, deep and complex flavour profile that delivers a wonderful flavour journey on the nose and on the palate.


Key Botanical(s): Damsons, Deeside Honey, Rosemary
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 42% vol
Goes great with: A sprig of fresh rosemary, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Lost Loch Spirits Distillery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Contract Distilled)
Released: July 2021


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