Isle of Skye Brewing Co.

Uig, Highland, Scotland
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Isle of Skye Brewing is located in the small fishing village of Uig in the north west of the famous Inner Hebridean island of Skye. The brewery released their first ale in 1995, three years after some friends met in a local pub and joked about setting up their own brewery. At the time, there were only six small independent breweries in Scotland. What started off as a part-time job for the founders soon turned into a full-time job and business, with the brewery picking up a number of awards for their ales, beers, lagers and IPAs.

After three years in the planning and with over 25 years experience in brewing, the brewery team turned to the world of spirits and distilling with the release of their first gin in late 2019, The Storr which named after a local landmark on the island. The brewery and distillery is home to a still named Flora, inspired by Flora MacDonald, a Skye resident who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from the pursuit of English soldiers after a bounty was put on the head of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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The Storr

The first Scottish Gin expression from the Isle of Skye Brewing Co., The Storr takes its name and inspiration from the unmistakable geological rocky hill noted for freestanding rock and mineral rich towers. The Storr gin combines a range of botanicals including juniper, rose hip, coriander, sweet peel, black peppercorn, orris root, liquorice root, heather and locally sourced wild angelica and meadowsweet. The resulting gin is a classic London Dry with bold, crisp, aromatic notes on the nose with crisp, refreshing and clean taste that delivers juniper, spice and a warm finish.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Wild Angelica, Meadowsweet
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 43% vol
Goes great with: A slice of grapefruit, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Isle of Skye Brewing Co., Highland, Scotland
Released: November 2019

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