Firth Gin

Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland
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Located in Dalgety Bay, a coastal town overlooking the Firth of Forth estuary, husband and wife Jamie and Lindsay Thomson began their journey into the world of Scottish Gin when Jamie bought a small copper pot still. With a range of botanicals on the family’s doorstep, including the family garden and coastline, Jamie spent the first three years experimenting and developing various flavour profiles on the still, nicknamed ‘Stinky’ by the youngest son. Jamie openly admits to making some wonderful and at times, weird and wacky flavour profiles, in the first year of trials and recipe development.

It was during the first lockdown, restricted to home and allowed out for a set time each day, that Jamie and his family would pick botanicals, some of which would eventually go into the final recipe for Firth Gin. With a flavour profile in mind, Jamie approached distiller and mixologist Fabrizio Ciof at the Old Poison Distillery in Edinburgh, just a short drive from Dalgety Bay, to upscale and produce the final gin.

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Firth Gin

Firth Gin takes its flavour profile influence predominantly from the local landscape with notes of coast and floral summer. Distilled using a number of locally foraged botanicals including gorse flowers, bladderwrack seaweed, along with a number of purchased botanicals such as juniper and pink peppercorns, the resulting flavour profile delivers waves of bright lemon citrus balanced with juniper, a bright coconut note from the gorse flowers and a light spice from the pink peppercorns on the finish.


Key Botanical(s): Gorse Flowers, Bladderwrack Seaweed, Pink Peppercorns, Lemongrass
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 40% vol
Goes great with: A twist of lemon, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Old Poison Distillery, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (Contract Distilled)
Released: May 2021

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