Cromarty Distillery

Cromarty, Highland, Scotland
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The Highland town of Cromarty sits at the northern end of the Black Isle peninsula, with the Cromarty Firth to the north, the Beauly Firth to the south, and the Moray Firth to the east. Thanks to the town’s easy access to the sea and the shelter provided by its natural harbour, Cromarty grew a thriving fishing industry with Salmon and Herring in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. The town was also buoyant with imports and exports, including locally-grown hemp fibre. Like other established Highland communities at the turn of the 18th century, Cromarty also had a distillery once upon a time. John McIntosh founded the original Cromarty Distillery and opened its doors in 1826 but according to some historical records, it only lasted two years before closing in 1828. 

Cromarty was also the birthplace and home to Hugh Miller, who was born in 1802. Along with being a stonemason, social justice campaigner, writer, editor and man of faith, he became a renowned fossil hunter and geologist. Considered one of the great Scots of the 19th century, Hugh’s childhood home, fossil collection and writings still have an influence and legacy in the area and inspired The Geologist Gin. The founders of Cromarty Distillers and The Geologist Gin brand hope to one day open a new Cromarty Distillery to visitors.

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The Geologist Gin

Inspired by legacy of local Cromarty figure Hugh Miller, a famous Geologist and fossil hunter, The Geologist Gin combines a variety of gin botanicals including juniper, grains of paradise, cinnamon, orris root, vanilla and cocoa beans. Other botanicals include apples along with the unique tomono fruit, which are small edible berries that are similar in flavour to a toffee apple.


Key Botanical(s): Apples, Vanilla, Tomono Fruit
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 41% vol
Goes great with: A slice of apple, tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Nautilus Gin Foundry, Highland, Scotland
Released: July 2021


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