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Invergowrie, Perth & Kinross, Scotland
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Terroir is a beautiful French word, which encapsulates a ‘sense of place’. In Gaelic they call it Anan an Fhearainn – ‘soul of the land’.

P. A. Arbuckle and Sons, a family farming partnership, have run their farm for over 70 years with good old-fashioned family values at the core of everything they do. 

The farm lies on a district boundary and dips its toes into all of Angus, Tayside and Perthshire and offers a diverse range of agricultural produce grown on the farm including soft fruit, vegetables, cereals and care for free-range hens and cattle.

Some of this soft fruit includes Honeyberry – the key botanical in Arbuckle’s Honeyberry Gin, which is distilled at the local Strathearn Distillery.

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Honeyberry Gin

In the same way that honeyberry is the product of a beautiful symbiotic relationship between plant and soil, a perfect local symbiosis between Arbuckle’s and Strathearn Distillery helps to craft every small batch of Honeyberry Gin. The gin is produced by Strathearn in a two stage process, the first being vapour infusion using their 500 litre pot still with a botanical basket, at which stage honeyberry is added as a botanical. Once distilled, this base gin is blended with fresh unpasteurised honeyberry juice. A double whammy of honeyberry, which gives the gin it’s full flavour and distinctive purple colour. Available from the Arbuckle's Farm Shop.


Key Botanical(s): Honeyberry
Gin Style: Flavoured
Strength: 40% vol
Goes great with: A sprig of fresh mint, Mediterranean tonic and ice.


Method: Rectified - Grain Neutral Spirit
Location: Strathearn Distillery, Perth & Kinross, Scotland
Released: November 2016

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