In The Voices of Gin, we speak with some of the influential and respected individuals from the global gin and spirits community. Some have created businesses and careers around supporting gin and working with gin brands. Some play an academic role and help educate the consumer through their activities, some organise and run events that showcase gin, others write about gin for a living and some sell gin for a living. All have one thing in common, their voices are taken seriously and they’ve work hard to create a business of their own around a subject they’re passionate about – gin.

Voices of Gin – Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide Find your perfect gin Published 26th September 2019 Voices of Gin – Caroline Childerley, The Gin Queen Find your perfect gin Published 4th April 2019 Voices of Gin – Olivier Ward, Gin Foundry Find your perfect gin Published 26th January 2019
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