It’s a part of the Scottish Gin industry and world of distillation – contract distilling. For many new Scottish Gin brands who aren’t in a position to establish their own distillery but have a passion for Scottish Gin, working with an established distillery to help them realise their dreams of starting up and launching their own Scottish Gin is a first-step. In A Gin is Born we take a look at the world of contract distilling and speak with Scotland’s contract distillers to understand their process, involvement and go behind the gin still to find out the benefits and pitfalls of contract distillation.

A Gin is Born – Darran Edmond, Illicit Spirits Distillery Find your perfect gin Published 12th January 2021 A Gin is Born – Peter Dignan, Lost Loch Spirits Find your perfect gin Published 15th May 2019 A Gin is Born – Lewis Scothern, Distillutions Find your perfect gin Published 30th March 2019
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