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Ginger Ninja

Shaken & Stirred, inspired by Scotland's gin makers.

Glasgow is a fascinating city with a world-renowned history of invention and innovation. In the spirit of this, the team at Glaswegin embarked on their own journey to create Glaswegin, a gin worthy of the city of Glasgow. The team have created a number of cocktails and serves, which perfectly complement the taste and humour of Glaswegin and Glaswegians. In our latest Shaken & Stirred, we make Ginger Ninja with Glaswegin.

Here’s what you need to know…


• 25ml Glaswegin
• 12.5ml Aperol  

• 12.5ml Triple Sec
• 25ml Pink grapefruit juice

• 20ml Lemon juice
• 20ml Rosemary syrup (simply combine and boil water, sugar and rosemary)
• Rosemary sprig and orange peel, to garnish

These measures are a guide only and can be tailored to suit your own personal taste.


Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled, ice filled goblet. Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary and orange peel.

Have fun and enjoy your drink responsibly.

To find out more about Glaswegin, visit their page here.

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