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Even Crusaders Stop For Tea

Shaken & Stirred, inspired by Scotland's gin makers.

We love a cocktail at home, which got us thinking, what cocktails do the Scottish Gin makers enjoy in the comfort of their own home? What cocktail works perfectly with their Scottish Gin?

In this series, Shaken & Stirred, we ask Scotland’s Gin makers what their favourite cocktail is and, just as importantly, how you can make it at home!

In this feature, we asked the team behind King’s Hill Gin and they worked with the talented Mixology Brothers to create this long and refreshing take on a Scottish Gin Iced Tea, entitled Even Crusaders Stop For Tea, for us to recreate at home.


• 40ml King’s Hill Gin
• 40ml Heather tea 

• 20ml Fresh lime juice
• 15ml Sugar syrup

• 8 Fresh raspberries
• Lime wheel, to garnish

These measures are a guide only and can be tailored to suit your own personal taste.


Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake well and strain into a chilled, ice filled Collins glass. Garnish with a fresh lime wheel.

Have fun and enjoy your drink responsibly.

To find out more about King’s Hill Gin, visit their page here.

To find out more about Mixology Brothers, visit their website here.

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