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What better gift than the gift of Scottish Gin.

Published: 31st January 2019

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to earn some brownie points with your better half. What better gift than the gift of Scottish Gin. With a number of Valentine’s themed gins and and gin related gifts there’s plenty of choice. We’ve put together a selection of the Scottish Gins that are guaranteed* to get you in the good books. Gin has also had a long relationship with another drink – tonic. We’ve included some tonic options that deserve to be discovered.

*Disclaimer: If you’ve been really bad unfortunately not even a good bottle of Scottish Gin might save you but it’s worth a try!

Dunnet Bay Distillers, Rock Rose Pink Grapefruit Old Tom Gin

Fresh from the gin still at Dunnet Bay Distillers comes this new expression. Traditionally Old Tom Gin is a sweeter gin style, this expression from the team behind the award-winning Rock Rose Scottish Botanical Gin is described as sweet, fruity and delicious.

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The Border’s Distillery, William Kerr’s Borders Gin

William Kerr’s Borders Gin is the signature gin from the one of Scotland’s newest distilleries. This gin takes its name and influence from William Kerr who was a native of Hawick, home to the Borders Distillery. William was a gardener at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, London. In 1804 he was sent to Asia to document and collect various botanical and plant samples.

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Beinn an Tuirc, Kintyre Pink Gin

A naturally coloured pink gin is distilled using Scottish oats and raspberries creating a rich and fruity gin with a creamy finish. Delicious served neat over ice, with tonic or topped up in a glass with some champagne and a strawberry.

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Walter Gregor’s Mixed Tonic Pack

Scotland’s true original tonic water, Walter Gregor’s, quickly gained a reputation for being an excellent craft tonic. Made in Aberdeenshire at the aptly named Rosehearty, Summerhouse Drinks released their mixed tonic pack late last year. You’ll find this excellent mixed pack includes Original, Scottish Raspberry, Cucumber & Mint, Apple & Cinnamon and Spiced – all produced in Scotland using carefully selected natural ingredients.

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Strathearn Distillery, Heather Rose Gin

Combining rose and heather, this gin is fragrant, floral and light with sweet and spicy notes. This gin makes an excellent pairing topped up with a glass of Prosecco and can also be enjoyed with tonic but keep a watchful eye as the mahogany colour shifts with the addition of tonic.

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Edinburgh Gin, Valentine’s Gin

This limited edition gin from the team at Edinburgh Gin combines chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaf to give a light, citrus freshness to the gin. The rose and hibiscus flowers impart delicate floral notes and create its signature pink hue. New for 2019, you can pick up a special gift pack that features a bottle of Valentine’s Edinburgh Gin and bouquet of flowers that feature some of the botanicals used in the gin including chamomile daisies, hot pink rose petals and aromatic lavender.

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McLean’s Gin, Something Blue

A cold compounded gin that was created to celebrate Colin McLean’s marriage to his fiancé. Turned out the wedding guests loved what they tasted so much that Colin decided to add it to his core range of gin expressions. The botanicals used include the more unusual Tonka Bean and Buchu Leaf giving hints of summer fruits, mint and caramel.

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Buzbees Beverages Tonic Range

Chose from a selection of tonics including Elderflower, Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit and more.  Established in 2018, Buzbees Beverages is a family business that produce low calorie tonics. They developed a unique recipe that replaces artificial sugars with sugars derived from honey. So not only do these tonics taste great they also support local beekeepers and honey suppliers.

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Holyrood Distillery, Pink Gin

Combining pink peppercorns and fresh pink grapefruit peel, this naturally coloured pink gin from the team at the soon to be opened Hollyrood Distillery in Edinburgh, has a delicate floral top note. There are fresh citrus notes, which are complimented by a lovely warming spice.

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Eden Mill Love Gin

Distilled using a combination of local botanicals including rose petals and hibiscus, this contemporary style gin is a light pink colour when poured. Mixing with a tonic brings out sweet vanilla and floral notes.

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