Llanllyr SOURCE

Dyfed, Wales
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Since 1180, when the Great Lord Rhys first settled the land, natural springs underneath the organic fields of Llanllyr have been supplying it’s inhabitants with some of the purest, all natural drinking water in the world. Llanllyr sits in the idyllic Welsh countryside at the base of a glacial valley. The glacial sands and persistent rainfall work together to produce Llanllyr SOURCE, a Natural Spring Water with a perfect mineral balance and superb taste.

Llanllyr SOURCE was started in 1999 by a family that has organically farmed the land for vegetables, beef and sheep for the last 300 years. Being activists for sustainable land management and knowing the incredible quality of the water, the family began the Company as a farm biodiversity project. Since then, the water has spoken for itself, featuring in many of the world’s top luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and fine retailers.

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