Christmas Gift Guide

Our exclusive festive guide to Scottish Gin gifts this Christmas.

Published: 16th November 2018

With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gin gift for the gin drinker in your life can prove a near impossible task. We pulled together a list of festive, seasonal and limited edition  Scottish Gins along with Scottish Gin related gifts to ensure you stay in the good books this Christmas.

Makar Gin Stars (2 x 5cl Makar Original Dry Gin | 2 x 5cl Makar Old Tom Gin | Both 43% ABV)

The festive Makar Gin Star pack contains four glass star decorations. Makar Original Dry Gin can be found in the two blue stars and Makar Old Tom Gin inside the two red stars, all finished with a ribbon so you can hang these anywhere you like, before or after drinking the contents! Both gins are distilled in the heart of Glasgow and have picked up a wide variety of awards.

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Badvo Gin Christmas Basket

One of the few Scottish Gins to solely use Scottish foraged botanicals, Badvo Gin is distilled in Perthshire. This bumper Christmas gin hamper includes a 20cl of Badvo Scottish Gin in a special decorated bottle, a 20cl of Badvo Scottish Slo Gin, a jar of homemade Badvo Scottish Gin marmalade, two Gintensfy infusion packs and two Badvo branded glasses – literally a jam packed basket of Badvo gin goodies!

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El:gin Gin-gle Gin (50cl 40% ABV) 

Based on the award winning El:gin Scottish Gin, this festive seasonal edition is infused with seasonal fruits and spices to create a festive flavour profile. The origins of this festive inspired gin come from a traditional family Christmas cake recipe dating back more than five generations. The original recipe is one that came from an aunt who was a traditional Scottish Baker who lived and worked in the City of Aberdeen. Using cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, glacé cherries, sultanas and more… Christmas in a glass!

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Vector Gin Scottish Gin Map 2019 Edition (A2 size printed on 250gsm uncoated paper)

This looks great but what’s a vector? A vector is line illustration drawn on a computer, so each and every Scottish Gin bottle you see on this poster has been painstakingly drawn on a computer by hand. This 2019 edition features 101 Scottish Gin bottles and their business location. Designed and printed in Scotland, the map makes for a lovely print and is a great way to impress your friends with your new found gin knowledge.

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Hrafn Gin Winter Edition from Raven Spirits (50cl 43% ABV)

A new gin for winter 2018, Hrafn Gin Winter Edition features the same delicate London Dry base as award-winning Raven Gin Thought & Memory, which includes mandarin as a botanical. The gin is then infused with Royal Green Horanji Frankincense and Premium Omani Myrrh sourced directly from premium growers in the Middle East to give a deep well-balanced mystical fragrance and etherial taste. A perfect partner to your glass of prosecco or champagne this Christmas. Also available as a limited edition Hrafn Black Collection Luxury Gift Box featuring a bottle of Hrafn Gin Winter Edition, a luxury Hrafn Black Candle and Hrafn Black Diffuser. The candle and diffuser were created in collaboration with Feather & Grey, a leading Scottish candle maker.

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Rock Rose Winter Edition (70cl 41.5% ABV)

A limited edition seasonal expression created by Dunnet Bay Distillery, Rock Rose Winter Edition features spruce tips collected the previous year by Hanna, the Dunnet Bay Distillery gardener. Based around the signature Rock Rose Gin, the original recipe is paired back to allow the delightful earthy and slightly citrusy notes from the spruce tips to shine through. Why not dress your bottle of Rock Rose with a limited edition festive Bottle Jumper now available exclusively from the Dunnet Bay Distillery website.

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Misty Isle Mulled Christmas Gin from Isle of Skye Distillers (70cl 41.5% ABV)

Hailing from the award-winning Isle of Skye Distillers, Misty Isle Mulled Christmas Gin is a seasonal gin that combines a number of traditional festive flavours more commonly associated with mulled wine. The botanicals are soaked in a rich Italian Amarone red wine prior to distillation, creating a mulled wine flavour profile with a traditional hit of juniper. Served with tonic, a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick.

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Christmas GoodWill Gin from GlenWyvis (50cl 46% ABV)

Distilled in the shadow of Ben Wyvis in the Scottish Highlands, Christmas GoodWill Gin from GlenWyvis is an oak cask finished spiced gin. Thanks to its seasonal flavours of cinnamon and rich dried fruits, this helps create a welcome winter warmth with every sip. Using a total of nine botanicals this limited edition Scottish Gin was made for sharing.

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Esker Honey Spiced Gin from Esker Spirits (50cl 40% ABV)

Distilled in the heart of Aberdeenshire by husband and wife Steven and Lynne, this Scottish Gin was originally available as a limited edition release in 2017. You’ll be glad to learn that the Esker Honey Spiced Gin from Esker Spirits is now a permanent addition to the Esker Spirits family. Based around the award-winning Esker Gin recipe with the addition of honey and spice, this adds a gentle and rich warmth to this London Dry gin.

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Christmas Gin from Edinburgh Gin (70cl 43% ABV)

Combining aromatic notes of frankincense and myrrh along with classic juniper creates a warming gin suitable for sipping neat over ice or mixed with tonic. Rich aromatics include zesty sweet orange and a nutmeg finish, helping create a cuddle of yuletide warmth. Can be enjoyed with a slice of orange or works well in a Negroni with the sweet myrrh providing balance to Campari’s bitter finish.

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Pickering’s Gin Christmas Gin Filled Baubles (6 x 5cl 42% ABV)

The original innovators and creators of the gin filled Christmas baubles, Pickering’s Gin Baubles were in short supply a few years ago due to such high demand. This year the team at Pickering’s Gin, who are based at Summerhall in Edinburgh, reckoned they would fill over 2 million baubles! Each pack contains six different coloured baubles filled with 5cl of Pickering’s Gin.

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Christmas Gin from The Old Curiosity Distillery (50cl 46% ABV)

Created at the Old Curiosity Distillery, which sits in the secret herb garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Christmas Gin features crushed juniper and coriander along with  Winter Savory and Angelica leaf, which are macerated before distillation. Other botanicals used include Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom delivering a festive flavour profile. The colour comes from freshly-harvested Poppy and Mallow petals giving this gin a lovely red Christmas glow.

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12 Gins of Christmas from Eden Mill (12 x 5cl, Various ABV)

Now an annual tradition from the team at Eden Mill, their 12 Gins of Christmas box set contains 12 x 5CL miniatures including gins and gin liqueurs. Accompanied by a booklet explaining the story and inspiration behind each gin and its suggested serve, record and rate your favourite gins along with learning more about ‘The Eden Mill Way’. Also contains the Eden Mill Mixologists cocktail of choice and two Eden Mill branded glasses.

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Gin Galore: A Journey to the Source of Scotland’s Gin by Sean Murphy (Published by Black and White Publishing)

Gin Galore: A Journey to the Source of Scotland’s Gin is the first book from The Scotsman’s resident food and drink expert and editor of Scotsman Food & Drink, Sean Murphy. The book provides the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Scottish Gin and explores the botanicals and stories behind fifty unique Scottish Gins, along with an introduction to the history of gin, gin styles, garnishes and an array of Scottish Gin based cocktails. Available from all good book shops.

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DIY Gin Hamper

Scottish Gin miniatures make for the perfect stocking filler or why not create your very own ‘A Taste of Scottish Gin’ Christmas hamper made up of miniatures? With so many great Scottish Gins, miniatures are the perfect way of trying out a gin before buying a bigger bottle.

Gin: Distilled. The Essential Guide for Gin Lovers by the Gin Foundry (Published by Ebury Press)

Written by the talented team at Gin Foundry, a leading resource for gin drinkers and the brains behind Junipalooza. A snappy read providing a concise modern history of gin starting in 1950 leading right to the modern gin renaissance. This guide covers a wide variety of subjects, all of which will help you understand more about the gin category – gin styles and botanicals and how to go about tasting gin in order to pick up all the subtleties and flavours, recipes for some of the best gin based cocktails, how to create your own home fruit infused gin, how to make the perfect G&T and more. An essential read for gin drinkers old and new.

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Vesperis Pictish Gin & Harris Tweed Mini Hip Flask Box Set from Blackford Craft Distillery

These limited edition box sets from Blackford Craft Distillery include a 5cl Vesperis Pictish Gin miniature (40% ABV) and a Harris Tweed clad mini hip-flask. Distilled in the heart of Aberdeenshire by husband and wife Katie and Neil, Vesperis Pictish Gin is distilled using a variety of local botanicals including heather honey produced by local beekeepers.

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Luxury Infused Chocolate Advent Calendar from Craft56 & Sugarsnap

Our chums over at Craft56Scotland, a specialist online Scottish Drinks retailer, have teamed up with the chocolate confectionery artists at Sugarsnap to create the world’s first Chocolate Scottish Spirits advent calendar. Combining white, milk and dark chocolate with a variety of Scottish craft spirits, including gin, Sugarsnap have created a range of stunning handmade bon bons with alcohol-infused ganache fillings.

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You can’t go wrong with any Scottish Gin as a present this year but please be sure to buy local and support the high street. Your local independent bottle shop, deli or farm shop will greatly appreciate your business this Christmas.

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