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Lind & Lime from Port of Leith Distillery.

Published: 27th November 2018

The Tower Street Stillhouse in Leith, Edinburgh have just released their first Scottish Gin. Lind & Lime Gin takes its maritime and citrus influence from a local historical figure James Lind and Leith’s ties as one of Scotland’s most important historical ports.

James Lind was born in Edinburgh in 1716 and went on to gain some informal medical training at Edinburgh University. In 1738 he joined the Royal Navy as a Surgeon’s Mate and by 1747 he had risen to be Surgeon of HMS Salisbury.

Some of the sailors were stricken with Scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Little was known about the disease at the time so James Lind selected 12 sailors aboard HMS Salisbury. He conducted a number of trials, including testing the effects of citrus fruit. In his 1753 ‘A Treatise of the scurvy’ book, he recorded that the ‘most sudden and visible good effects’ were shown by the sailors eating citrus. Although he overlooked the significance of this, he is recognised as the pioneer of the concept of ‘fair trial’, which went on to become a common process for seeking medical cures. By the end of the 18th century, the Royal Navy provided citrus fruit as rations across the fleet, which saw the health of sailors improve greatly.

The bottle design took almost two years to perfect in partnership with the team at Italian glass specialists Vetroelite, who helped shape co-founder Ian Stirling’s vision for what he wanted, “I’m from a wine background so wanted the bottle to have its own unique silhouette. I’d crudely mocked up something on the computer and handed it over to our design team at Contagious who developed the branding and packaging. Once we had the connect, we brought in Claire at Vetroelite who helped us bring the bottle to life.”

Lind & Lime Gin uses a well balanced complimentary palette of botanicals including juniper, lime and pink peppercorns to create a balanced, fresh flavour profile. The gin is a collaboration between Port of Leith Distillery owners Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher, lifelong friends, and distiller James Porteous, who established The Electric Spirit Company and makes Anchroous Gin, an award-winning Scottish Gin also distilled on-site at their shared distillery, the Tower Street Stillhouse, Leith, Edinburgh.

The Sherry casks from their recently released Oloroso Sherry will play a vital role in the distillery’s future whisky production.

2019 will see construction begin on their new purpose-built distillery that overlooks the Firth of Forth. The distillery will be Scotland’s first vertical distillery and will add a new chapter to the story of Leith’s distillation history.

You can learn more about Port of Leith Distillery here.

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