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Hrafn Gin 'Winter Edition' from Raven Spirits.

Published: 9th November 2018

Raven Spirits brings you a new expression to join its award-winning Raven Gin ‘Thought & Memory’. Hrafn Gin ‘Winter Edition’ is a celebration of the season that brings together the festive taste of mandarin and soft cinnamon spice with the classic Christmas inclusion of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

‘Winter Edition’ is infused with the rarest gem-like Royal Green Hojari Frankincense and pure Omani Myrrh – both harvested from trees in the Dhofar region of southern Oman, close to the border of Yemen. The Myrrh imparts floral notes violet and rose, precious oud and a slight tingling piquancy, whilst the Royal Hojari Frankincense give a sweet balsamic note with a citrus drift.

On the nose, spice and incense create a perfumed cloud that is underscored by the juniper and help to define the sweet freshness of the mandarin. To taste, juniper followed by the delicate mandarin, but the spiced finish is lifted by the incense to a drift that imparts an exotic and archaic linger. With tonic, the balance changes with the toning down of spice and highlighting of the mandarin and sweet florals. In the background the frankincense and myrrh impart a smoky nuance.

It is recommended that you try this Hrafn Gin ‘Winter Edition’ with Prosecco…  perfect for over Christmas. For a G&T, serve with premium light tonic, a spiral of mandarin peel and star anise.

You can learn more about Raven Spirits here.

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